Wednesday, July 29, 2015

They're Moving....

Ok, I admit it....I am not happy...they're moving to a suburb of Houston...Tim (third to L) got a wonderful promotion and has to go where they send him...and Crystal (second to L) and William (L) will make the move Dec 30th....Sami (far R) has a job here so she will be staying.  Tylar (right next to Sami) is in the Air Force at DoverAB. 
They are buying a house there so Tim will move before Crys and Will.  Crys and Will are staying until Dec because that was the deal...Will is BIG in Band here and has a girlfriend and is 16...Any questions?  He wants to at least see out football season here before he leaves and Crys and Tim agreed.  SO, Crys and Will will stay with us when their home here sells or they reach the Dec 30th mark.  Either way, that's it...they'll go at midterm.  They'll be traveling the 2 hours between towns to see each other and get ready for the move.  Dec will be here before we know it....(I need a drink).'s an accent chair I bought.  Needed the color to break up all the brown I have going on in the living room.  It works and I like it but it's not the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in...the seat...not soft.

This morning I have to get to the in-laws house to wait for the cleaning crew.  Too much for them to handle (90 and 88) so us kids are paying a crew to come do a honking big clean-up.  Our hit and miss between jobs and time off isn't cutting it...and it'll make them feel so much better.
I've set up our supper in the crock pot...chicken thighs, potatoes, corn and shallots.  Would you believe I've never cooked with shallots? Not it should be a big adventure for us...yeah, we're that boring.
Well, I've rattled on long enough...I've been trying to learn Crystal's job at work...(#@$$&%#) and it's a challenge so that's my excuse this time for not posting.  And I just have not been HAPPY...Hahaaa....sorry.
Behave and I'll be around to check on you all.....still need that drink...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Remodel Headaches...

BEFORE, Same tile floor to ceiling...and the Jacuzzi had to go.
                                         Demolition...Dusty process.                                   

He took 10 hours just to work the Herringbone pattern...but I really like it.
                                                          Floor tile finally layed...

                                                        Dusty film on it from grout.

 Finished!  Nice new vanity and painted walls.  Looks larger now and more vanity space, which I love!
         Hand held shower feature...The bathroom is still in disarray and I'm still in the process of moving things in and into the trash!  The crap we humans accumulate!!  Larry was elected to install the plumbing fixtures since it was Friday and a Union holiday for our plumbers because of the Fourth of July holiday...Thank You Honey!!!

                                                                      Vanity granite

                 I made cake during the two week remodel...yep....

And Larry made...ready?   Pork Fatty.  It's a roulade filled with celery, rice, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper...roll it up and wrap with bacon and then put on the pit.  Wonderful.

Monday, I have to stay home AGAIN and wait for new furniture to be delivered.  The old living room set, we gave to Larry's 2nd cousin...he's just moved into a house and didn't have much in the way of furnishings.  I think what we gave him filled up his living room.
Remodeling took two weeks and I could only sneak into the office a few times to do the payroll and get bills paid, invoices entered etc.  It's been busy and yet not busy...waiting and waiting.  But it's done now.  Hand bar installed, smaller and shorter tub...looks like I'm ready for old least in the bath area.
Oh, and remember all the kitties??  All gone! HUGE SIGH!   Two were given to one of the Mexican workers who brought his WHOLE family to the house to get them!Hahaaa...loved it!  Then granddaughter Samantha got Patches.  SO, Much better...
Well, that's about it for now.  I'm on my way to see what you've been up to!