Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prom Number Two...JT's School

Sami's friend Kari and our William with Sam...We're excited for our little Will! He's going for his first Braces exam on Monday! He's said he's ready for them so here Goes!
Well, Saturday night (I should say All Day) was Prom Date Number Two for Sami and JT (Sam's boy-friend). They don't go to the same high school SO, that means two proms. Sort of a his and hers. If you have kids then you KNOW...Lots of work and preparation goes into these things. Bless Crystal's heart (my daughter and Sam's Mom)! It's a constant daylight to after midnight affair...I remember all the work and staying up late for Crystal when she had hers. Bet you remember your kiddos as well!
Sami and Tim (Sam's other Dad and Crystal's hubby)
Sam's hairdoo...She did it herself..."How", I have no clue...I'd break both my arms trying to do That little contortion...Hahaaa...
Sam and JT...
Crystal had left her camera at work so she called me to see if she could borrow mine. She likes to do photo shoots at neat locations, pre-event. Well, Crystal, Sami, Sami's girlfriend Kari and Kari's mom all started driving around going to familiar spots and shooting various poses. Crystal said they were driving down some road when she looked over and saw this wheat field...Bingo! She whipped the car over, made the girls hop out and started clicking... The above photo was her favorite...I think she took a great shot. I also think it's been edited on something called picmonkey (no clue what that is but Crys says it's a lot like PicNik was...) but I'm not sure.
Anyway, since she used my camera and Big Honking Lens (which takes pretty decent portrait shots), she let me steal the above pose to edit... That's the best part for me...It's FUN to edit and play with the different shots. She ALSO fell in love with my lens! "Mom! I LOVED using that LENS"!!!!!Hahaaaa.....Needless to say, I did a "purse check" before she left here last night!
This is my edit on the above photo...and No, it's not perfect but I had fun with it. I learned how to get rid of wild hairs and loose, tiny strings from the fabric of the dress. I also incorporated a sun-flare on the right side of the shot...that was interesting to play around with. Seem to be learning but it's slow-going...Click on the photos to enlarge...there's too many for me to enlarge them manually.
Well, I appreciate you reading through this post and having to go through yet Another prom with me...but hey, you only get to experience this....twice, so I feel blessed.
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Brenda's Photo Challenge (Temptation) April 28th

Hahahaaaa.....Ok! Well, I know it's stupid BUT...IF I could, I would eat fried chicken and Snickers every night of the week for supper! WHAT??Hahaaa....well, I would! BUT...I can't. I'd be in poor shape if I tried. This was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read what the Challenge would involve...Yeppers, chicken and Snickers...and maybe a sweet pickle. Oh yeah, sounds good to me...Lolol...For more Challenge temptations, go HERE!
Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dallas Cowboy Locker Room...Hahaaa

Ok, A bunch of you ASKED to see what the locker room looked like and all I have to say is...Pristine! Have you EVER seen a room that belonged to a MAN this Clean???Hahaaaa....I know it's off season and the owner Jerry Jones, has tons of employees to whisk in with their little mops and brooms...You just can't imagine the amount of money that's invested in this place! Just click on the images to enlarge... Oh, and YES, we toured the CheerLeaders locker room as well...Not very interesting though. Just a bunch of names and posters with gynormous TaTas know how girls are...Hahahaaa.....
Have a good one!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dallas Cowboys and Prom Night...

I leave work for just a FEW days and when I get back and try to post something, I find I need to go back to COLLEGE!!!  I can't figure out how to write anything except by clicking on Caption between each photo!  Oh, this stinks!  What am I doing wrong???  Anyway, lets see...last Wednesday Thursday and Friday Hubby and I went to Arlington, Texas for a plumbing board meeting.  We also took in the tour of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.  It was pretty cool.  Especially enjoyed the players locker room....WHAT???Hahaaaa.....We returned home Friday night then Saturday afternoon, Crystal, Samantha and her girlfriend along with Aubrey (other Mom) all arrived to begin the ritual of dressing for Prom.  It was a fun time and Crystal and I got a lot of photos taken.
Crystal and Samantha...Mother and Daughter.
Samantha and her boyfriend, JT.
Dallas Cowboy Stadium... Did you know this place is PAID FOR already?  They also have 3700 TVs in the place...If you want to rent out the place for a wedding or party, beginning price is $100 thousand dollars...(I now know how Jerry Jones paid for it!)   Well, guess I'll try to post this...and start looking around here in Blogger...I also don't see the "return to old blogger" sign....super... Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Was His Fault...

Oooops, backwards...oh well, Tim, our son in law...Before and after.
Tim insisted I order this for my lunch yesterday...It's ALL his fault!
I'm now experiencing trauma....Hahaaaa.....Y'all have a good day!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I think I've been busy...I'm not sure. Cleaning things out (Lordy, I save too many things!), Hubby replacing our privacy fence...of which our Buddy had to supervise. Know what I found while cleaning out a closet?? Two record albums of Crystal's! Like a Virgin (MaDonna) and Jon Bon Jovi's, Slippery When Wet...Hahahaaa. See what I'm facing? Stuff! All carefully packed away and being saved for...what? Crystal isn't a pack-rat. I asked her if she wanted them and the answer was, "Just hang on to them..." I remember telling my own Mother to just hang on to things for me as well so I guess it's karma.
Well, it's a Monday again. I'm faithfully back at my desk at work and yes, I've done all my entries...I even swept and emptied trash!Hahaa....SO, guess I'll sign off and go find something else to do...Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yep, We Did...

I know...I know...I SAID I wasn't going to do anymore photo shoots for strangers BUT!Hahahaaa....The lady that asked Crystal wasn't a stranger even though the people IN the wedding WERE strangers...Lolol...I know...Anyway, off we went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon. I took 250 shots and Crystal got at least as many, if not more. This time I centered in on whatever struck my fancy as being "cute". I also chased people around who had gorgeous eyes!Hahaaa...Lots of people were running!
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday...Hubby and I both woke up as sore as we could be! He was replacing our fence in the back yard while I was off to the wedding (lifting that camera a million times got me in the shoulders! Can you say Out Of Shape?). Oh well, it's almost lunchtime...Guess I'll get to the break room and start heating up our food. Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...YES ANOTHER EDIT!Hahaaa

We took TONS of shots of Sami...It's kind of hard to Not do the edits...I think this is my favorite so far though. She's got one of those "sassy" personalities and I think it comes through...
Hope you all are well and safe. We had tornadoes tear through Dallas yesterday (I'm 100 miles away), and not one life lost out of all the damage! Thank God for that.
Have a sweet day everyone!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glad it's Tuesday...

It all started last week with Hubby getting a toothache then Buddy our pup had his shots on Wednesday and got sick from Those! I was the chief cook and bottle washer, laundry lady, going to my job, NURSE, medicine giver, etc.
Hubby woke up last Friday morning with a lump on his lower right hand jaw the size of a small lemon. What I Wanted to do was scream, but thankfully, my nurses training kicked in and I just stopped him, felt it then announced that he was going Back to the doctor...I would make the appointment. On Fridays I have to do payroll so...I came into work, ran payroll, called the dentist's office, called Hubby and told him I'd meet him there. I leave work, run to the bank and then over to meet Hubby. I go inside to the window...The nice young lady looks up at me as I begin to ask where they put my husband..."Oh!" she says....."We had to take him back to surgery....!"
Nekked Pause.....
I can feel the heat rise in my face and my heart started pounding!!
"Hahahaaaa.....Just KIDDING!!!" she says......"He's fine...just waiting for the doctor."
By THIS time, you know when you can feel the tears in your eyes because they are burning hot? Well, I knew at that point I could go one of two ways...crawl through the window and grab her by the throat, OR...start walking down the hallway to find Hubby! I chose to do the latter...When the doctor finally came in, I knew HE knew what had happened and he started apologizing for it. I let it go, smiled at him and started asking about Hubby. They had given him something called a Z-Pack last week (garbage antibiotic) so on day two, I called in for Amoxicillin 500mg. It finally started helping him. (I use to make hospital rounds for the doctor I worked for, so long ago).
The swelling has now gone from Hubby's face...Buddy the pup is 100% again...and I just need a dark hole to crawl into!Hahaaaa.....geeeez.
What a week...Hope you all know how Much I appreciate you!
Sending lots of prayer and love...