Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not Bad!

I Know I've been bad about blogging lately...I know. Don't have much Zip in my DoDah lately! Between FaceBook, Instagram, and Pinterest, work, and the house stuff...Hahahaa....Ok, I told on myself. Go easy on me!

 The above recipe:, turned out pretty good. I WAS going to create this marvelous dish myself...I WAS!!!Hahaaa...BUTT...Hubby stole my recipe and decided he'd create it instead. It turned out pretty good. The only problen was that the middle and bottom was a bit "dense". I thought it was suppose to be a fluffy dish so maybe HUBBY did something wrong! I KNOW if I had made it, it would have been Wonderful...WHAT???Hahaaa....Oh well. I'll have to experiment on it.

 Anyway, nothing much going on here. Just working and doing our best to stay positive. Could care less about all the Presidential swearing in garbage...Guess I'll just finish up on laundry and this post, maybe a movie later.

Hope you all have been staying warm OR cool wherever you are. It's been up and down as far as temps here. 69F one day and 32 the next. My ear ringing finally calmed down and Hubby's Mom is still the same...dizzy...NO! Literally!Hahaaa No news on that front at All. Dr's just said to WAIT and see if her meds were the problem...I give up. I don't think they KNOW what the problem is, other than she's 85 and dizzy...

 Well, guess I'll get busy on the laundry...and go make fresh coffee. Enjoy your week friends!!