Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Morning...

Good Morning!   We woke up to heavy fog this morning.  Sort of, the old English kind.  I like a good fog...Hahaaa.....I stay in one most of the time!
More of my playing around with photos from Sami's prom.  This was at the start of the getting dressed ritual.  This is also a copy from Face Book.  I didn't upload the photos onto my MAC and I can't figure how to do the "cloud" thing.  Oh well, that's fodder for another day.

You remember, a few post ago where I told you about the ant killer borax stuff?  Well, either I need to apply the mixture twenty times or it really doesn't work.  You probably need to do it several times since it's a home remedy but I just don't seem to want to.  This, I Want It Now, life of mine really needs to change.  I've fallen into the trap.  I wanted those ants to be vaporized...ain't happening!  I also must confess....I have the BugLady coming in the morning...Hahaaa...WHAT??  I can't stand those destructive insects a minute longer.  I'll work on my I Want It Now lifestyle starting Tuesday...I promise!Hahaaa
 Did any of you try it?  Probably not.  Don't blame you!  I always like to wait until results are in.  Well, don't go by me!Hahaaa....I don't think my one time is working.

Well, the kiddos are coming for lunch of sausage and ribs.  Guess I'll close for the day...Enjoy your day sweet friends!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Looking For My Normal...

Do YOU have my Normal???  I've lost it somewhere....Hahaa...Saw it about two weeks go but I can't remember where that was!Lol.....Oh well. Got into the computer and pulled up a photo of my babies to play around with in PSElements.  Peaceful... I think I'll make hubby drive me around this weekend to look for something to take photos of....IF I ever get the laundry done...geeez.
Obama came to town yesterday and even though I can not Stand what he's doing to the country, he gave an inspiring speech for the families and people of West and that's what counts.  Although...some people got up and left right after he spoke...More then should have so you knew they just came to hear him speak....Not Good!  The service was two and a half hours long.  Even though Obama spoke, there was still the rest of the service and the honors to be given.  I don't know about you, but you keep your butts in the chair until the service is complete!  Show some respect!  If they weren't there for the Families then why take seats from those that wanted a seat but couldn't get one...  Oh well, I'm DONE...tired of sadness and anger.  As we say here, "Ya can't fix stupid.
SOOO!!!! Wass 'SUP wich Choo'???Hahahaa......
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you happen across my normal, just hang onto it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Memorial Service for West, Texas First Responders...

God Bless Them All......and Thank You to Boston, Mass. for your special message of love.  Watching it live on TV from here at the shop.  There are people here from all over the state.  It's only 12:15pm and Obama hasn't even arrived yet.  He must be in route.....Just left Dallas.
There are thousands of people.  God is good and we are Blessed......

Monday, April 22, 2013

RHS Senior Prom...

Good morning!  I really enjoyed myself this past weekend just being with my babies and TOTALLY being focused on taking and editing photos of my granddaughter's senior prom.  It has been one hell of a week...With all the terrible things happening and a constant diet of babbling talking news reports, Crystal took pity and told me Sami's schedule for Saturday...Perfect  time to just, Not Think about anything but pushing a button.  So I jumped on it!
The editing is also a great time to have some quiet "mind" time.  That's nice!  As you look at the photos, if you see my signature, I took it!  I think there's two that Crystal took or Aubrey (Momma #2) using my Canon.
Hope you are all safe and happy in your worlds...

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Going to get my mind off of what we all had to deal with in West, Texas and Boston this past week...going to a photo shoot of Sami's (granddaughter) last prom.  She's a senior and this is "it".  Time moves on and in a forward and fluid motion.  Tears need to be dried and we need to focus on the world around us...the hear and the now.  All we can do is pitch in where we can help, give hugs and kisses, and keep on going.  We can do this if we stick together...I believe most powerfully in the word, We.
Have a sweet and peaceful day everyone and thanks for all the love you've shown to Texas!  Now Get out there and try to enjoy the day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

West, Texas....

Live Stream Coverage from our area Link

Please pray for the families and victims of the explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas.  It happened about 15 miles north of us here in Waco...So far, 15 and more dead, over 200 injured.  This was an early morning count.  More on the way.  Homes, an apartment building and nursing home and so much more. were destroyed.  It registered 2.8 on the Richter scale as far away as Amarillo.  Until the clean-up begins, we do not know the true count of lives lost.  At the moment of typing this, my heart is SO heavy...we are already finding out about people that Tim (SIL) and Crystal knew are now...gone.  Tim has been up all night running oxygen and supplies to area hospitals.
And I'm also Angry....Last night after the explosion, LOOTERS began going into homes that had been damaged....God give us the strength....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bears and Creme Brulee...

Hubby and I left out early Saturday morning to do some shopping and eating out in Ft Worth, Texas.  First stop was Cabella's where you can find anything that'll please your fancy.  They also have all kinds of stuffed wildlife for people to look at.  I must admit that I'm not really nuts about that part but I got several shots of them anyway.
Then it was on to Pappadeaux's for a late lunch.  We had fried shrimp and then the main course...Creme Brulee!Hahaaaa....Yep...That's the main reason why we eat there!  It is Wonderful!  The thin cookie has a slight lemony taste as does the white dollop of cream.  The sugared topping was crispy and the Brulee was out of this world.  If you have a Pappadeauxs in your town, you really need to go!  
By the time we got home, we were pooped and full of good eats, which made us extremely lazy.  Naps were NOT taken but lazing around on the couch was a good we did!
Hope you are already having a super week.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Simplicity...A Personal Photo Challenge

I had my post ALL ready...yes I did!  And you know what?  My subject matter is due next month...Hahahaaa....SO!  Hurriedly, I ran outside and looked around in a fevered pitch...yes, I said a fevered pitch...looking for something with straight lines...I  want you to see my little friends the ants.  Make note of the straight line all the little fellows are lined up in!  I'm feeding them a supper of borax and honey.  Hopefully, they'll carry some back to the queen and we can longer claim kinship in these here parts!  
I apologize for my hurried entry Donna!  I worked REALLY hard on...NEXT months!!Hahaaa....
Anyway, please go to A Personal Photo Challenge blog and lay your eyes on some genuinely nice entries and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OK! Here's How It All Turned Out...

Ok, This is the TV system we now have.  I said I'd let you know so here goes.

First of all, Larry unplugged the Direct TV box and threw...placed it aside...Then, he simply took the ROKU2-XD out of the box and followed the instructions, which were SUPER easy...he said.

SO...Go online, on your computer, and go to and create an account first! And don't forget...IF you don't have WI-FI in your'll need to get it! 
1.  ROKU2-XD is for streaming tv channels.  We bought it at Best Buy for $79.99 plus tax.  Larry said the instructions were almost TOO easy to follow.  This is for channels like Netflix, HULU and such.  The ONLY thing I bought and pay a monthly fee for ($7.99)  is Netflix...I love it!  Especially since I can get my English murder mysteries.  There's thousands of shows and movies all for the one price.  You can also get FOX News but remember, all shows on ROKU are STREAMED!  NOT LIVE!  Missed last nights Hannity?  O'Reilly?  ROKU has it....Just click on the Order Channels and you'll find them there.  Your Local channels through your Antenna are the only live feeds!

I use to have HULU Plus and watched it here at the shop on my computer but there are some shows that I wanted that HULU doesn't carry.  That's also a neat thing about Netflix or HULU Plus...You can watch them on Any device...phones, TV's, computers...All you need are your email address and password to sign in with.  You create them when you sign up for their service. 

2.  See the RCA TV antenna?  It cost $40.99 plus tax.  This is so that you can get your local channels.   Unbox it...and just plug it into the back of the TV where it says, antenna...then run a Auto detect channel run so the tv can find your local channels itself.  Done!
Larry had bought another, higher priced antenna called Clearstream and it wouldn't pick up Squat!  He carried it back and got the RCA one and he got 15 channels with it!  Coolbeans!

We have two televisions and he hooked them both up this way.  Each having it's own antennas and ROKU units.  You'll figure out later what will personally work for your family.
We spent the rest of the weekend immersed in local news reports, English mysteries, sports...movies...Nice!  

THEN....Monday morning I came to work and called DIRECT TV and cancelled their service.  We'd been a customer since 1997.  The lady tried VERY hard to keep me from leaving..."BUT!  We can offer you your same service for $79.00 a month for a Whole Year!"....."No way...but thank you.  We have a sequester going on...:O)"
So now...we pay for the WI-FI and Netflix...WI-FI for the internet is $62 a month (We have Time Warner for internet only, no phones)  and Netflix is $7.99.  See the savings?  Before, we were Also paying for Direct TV at $108 a month.  That was $170 or more a month...Now it's just $69.99 a month and we have more television then we could possibly watch in a lifetime...

Hope I didn't confuse the heck out of you but I thought you might like to know how things turned out for us.  
Get your pen and paper out and just figure  what you're spending on television.  We're not destitute but we're not rich either and I'm tired of paying for programming that no longer interest me!  I don't CARE about AlJazerra TV (Terrorist who've helped kill our soldiers and NO, I'm not apologizing!)  ....nor am I looking to get a sex change operation.  I don't Care who is the greatest singer in the world or who bitchslaps who and I do NOT speak Spanish!  I'm just sick of crap TV and being FORCED to pay for it!   Now, we just pay for what WE want to watch! 

I know this was a LONG post and I'm sorry for that...Hope it helps you in your decision!  And can pay for cable for around $30 a month...but there Again, you're paying for programming that you do Not watch!

Have a super day Gang!!    

Monday, April 8, 2013

Goodnight PM Thatcher...and Annette...


We will miss her...She was a wonderful leader against Socialism.
And another one gone...Annette Funicello...Goodness, I wasn't expecting this one, after all, she was only 70.
Well, onward we go. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

An Award...

Hi everyone...It's been a semi-busy week around here.  We received an award for our company and I made Crystal and her hubby, Tim, receive it and get the official photo taken.  I'm sure you probably have a Local's Love Us in your neck of the woods...It's a site that people in your city go on and vote for their favorite...whatever...plumber, electrician, restaurant etc.  It's fun and I'm sure lots of other plumbers won as well but, it's good advertising. We also have a Facebook site.  Haven't had it up long but we've been getting some good response from it.
It has been COLD here all week...30's at night and 40's during the day...not fun!  This weekend it's finally suppose to shoot up to the 80's and I'm SO ready! 
SO...Go forth and have a super weekend!  We are playing around with some "free" TV stuff...Hubby is suppose to hook it up to see if it works.  IF it works like we think it should, we are going to cancel Direct TV...I'm SICK of the rates going up, up, up...Last month it was $102, this month it went up to $108 and we did NOT purchase anything new on our package.  That's a bunch of money every year!
I'll also let you know what we sense talking about it if it doesn't work...Happy Weekend!