Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kitties and Cake...and Rain.

There are THREE of these...
There are TWO of these...
There is none of this...I ate it....
And Libby feels totally  DEJECTED because we won't let her have a Kitty to play with.  

What a weekend....When you think it's all going to be roses, it usually ends up to be mud.  
I heard a meowing coming from the back door so I investigate.  I open the door, look down to see where the sound was coming from, only to see this kitty.  About three weeks old...looking up at me.  I heard MORE meowing coming from....the roof???  I get Larry and out we go to check it out...Sure enough, there's two more staring down at us from the carport roof.  Momma cat had had her babies under the eaves of the roof.  What are you 'gonna do?  Leave them?  Storms brewing and I mean bad ones?  We hadn't seen momma cat in over a week milling about the neighborhood so the prognosis for her return was...nil.  So, out comes the crate I had used for Libby, a trip to the store for a few supplies and food and we think we're set until today after one when the no kill shelter opens...BUTTT...Crystal has just informed me that there's a waiting list for drop-offs....super....  SO....anybody want a kitty?

The cake is a lemon sauce pound cake.  I LOVE lemon and it was Good and pretty easy to throw together.  Of course, I had lemon sauce icing all over me...I never can avoid, really getting into my baking!  Yes, I'm messy.

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  Storms, here in Texas, have been powerful.  We have NEVER seen it rain constantly for three weeks!  There have been some tragedies along with them.  A group of friends (not ours) were staying at a rented house in Wimberly when the floods hit.  Nine people washed away...A man's family, wife and two children missing...the family dog was found last night in a tree...alive!  So, at least the man's dog will be with him.  Such a sadness.

SO, here's hoping you all are safe and sound.  Coming to check on you after I get a refill on the coffee.