Thursday, May 21, 2015

Twin Peaks Waco...

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Good morning....I've had lots of people asking questions about what took place here in Waco, Texas, on Sunday.  If I've done this right, this link should take you to our local paper with lots of different links to read.  (The Waco Tribune Herald).

The shopping center where Twin Peaks resides is two miles from us.  170 bikers were arrested at one million dollar bail, each.  Only one guy has managed to post it.  $100,000 dollars.
It's a miracle no innocents were killed but I attribute that to our excellent police force...they had been alerted in time and were ready...thank God.  
The last two stores surrounding the crime scene were allowed to open yesterday morning.  It's a long mall type area loaded with individual stores.
One of the stores, Beauty Brands, is where our granddaughter Samantha works but it is at the other end of the shopping center and well out of things.  She was not at work at the time.
I don't know much else to tell you about it...the links to different stories should catch you up to today, if you're interested.  
Thank you to my blog buddies who were worried about us...this is why I love the

On another and unrelated note, one of our Robinson High School Seniors shot and killed himself in the parking lot of the high school yesterday morning as school was underway....His mom worked at the daycare that our grankids, William and Samantha attended years ago.  The mom had four children, the youngest is 18 months old.  Her husband left her while she was still pregnant.  She is a model single parent, who is absolutely crushed.  Please send prayer to Marty...a hard worker and loving mother.  The boy had ongoing depression for a long time...The last photo taken by her family, was mom and son, hugging, all smiles...him in his cap and gown....I just don't understand it all.....Bless his heart.


Sally said...

Horrific, unimaginable, Donna. Like you, thank GOD no innocent people were killed. I tried to stay informed by what you guys had put on FB, but now I'll read the links you've given us.

It seems like every time we turn around, we're hearing about "gangs", and not just motorcycle. I don't know what's going to happen in this world next. Sometimes I really feel like we're close to the "end times".

God bless - so glad Sam wasn't working that day and had to witness in person all that.


Jeanette said...

I'm so glad no innocent people were killed in that terrible gang shooting and especially so that your grandaughter was no where near there! This is a scary world anymore.

Cro Magnon said...

Not too good in Waco at present; and we're still getting over the terrible siege and shoot-out from way back. You're now due for a long period of calm. Best wishes from peaceful France.

Ann Thompson said...

I don't follow the news so I hadn't heard anything about this. Good job to the police for getting things under control.
So sad about that boy. Thoughts and prayers to the family

Lee said...

That certainly was an horrific situation. It was all over our news bulletins here in the Land of Oz.

I've been out of action...internet-wise since Wednesday until late this afternoon! It was driving me crazy! What on earth did I do before I had the Internet???? Now I'm catching up on everyone's blog, etc.

It's good to be back in the land of the living! lol

Out on the prairie said...

Sad to see all this violence. I am glad you stayed clear of the incident, but it makes one a little on edge.

Jenny said...

My friend I thought of all of you each and every time I heard or read about the events in Waco. I'm sorry I didn't wander over here to check on you sooner. I fell and hurt myself on Mother's Day and for a week or so all I did was feel sorry for myself. I'm glad you're well and I'm very glad Sam was not at work when this terrible thing unfolded. My prayers go out to all the innocents who were affected by the violence. As to this mother's son, lost forever, I am just heartbroken to hear of it. I don't know why people just give up and believe the lie that there is no hope. I pray this mother finds solace in the Lord's love for her, and I hope someday she is able to live a day without the crushing pain of her baby's loss. xoxo