Friday, July 29, 2011

Brenda's Photo Challenge (ABC's)

. I FOUND ONE!!!Hahahaaa.....OMGoodness! This wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be! Hat's off to you Miz Brenda! I KNOW people thought I was ONE Weird Old Gal! I'd be quietly sitting in my chair at lunch time in a restaurant, when I'd spy a possible candidate for the Challenge...Slightly bending my neck...a little farther...a little farther...nah...won't work. As I'm straightening up, I become aware of a few people who were burning holes into my forehead with their sanctimonious stares! Me, being ME, politely explain, "Helps to stretch the Fanackle..." Ever notice lately how people don't smile much anymore? Anyway, another day, another restaurant and I find my prize! An O....Bright and gleaming over our booth at Johnny Carino's. The Scalapini was Excellent, I might add!
Well, this is MY offering and now I'm off to see Yours! Have a great Saturday Guys! I'm out and about this weekend but will catch up with you all on Sunday!
Go visit Brenda's Photo Challenge for more photos!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday William!

Wow Little Boy! You're growing TOO Fast! Have lots of fun today Sugarbritches! Gampa and Gamma LOVE You!!!

This week has just flown by! In fact the whole month of July has whizzed by, much too fast. Still trying to get organized and get things put away in the spare bedroom. Getting there!
I see we have a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico...We SURE could use some of the rain here. We've been in a severe drought for six months now. I ALSO MISSED my own Blogaversary!!! Gheeeez! Four years now on the old Blog! Just too much going on.
Well, I'll be out of touch for the weekend so I'm depending on you all to behave yourselves! You just lean back and try to have a happy and Peaceful time of it. I'll try to check in on you by cell phone. Enjoy!
OH YEAH! IF you get the urge for a chocolate treat, check out Kathy at Sugar Moon's post today!!! I Just had to post a link!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting There....

Old bed after I had it moved to Crystal's house.....

Old dresser after the move to Crystal's house....and the new furniture at my house, below.

As you remember, I said last week that I'd be re-doing the guest bedroom and I wouldn't be around much. Understatement. I had forgotten how much work is involved. Every part of my body is SCREAMING!!Hahaaaa....I feel like this week has just gone by in a blur. It has also been so flipping HOT here and that is not very conducive to shopping trips...or moving out old furniture. Nothing seemed to go right...mattresses were delivered 2 days after I bought zip just evaporated on the painting project. Oh well, like Hubby said, as much as I like to change out the colors of the linens, white walls work better....yeah, ok. I'm Still looking for a chair for the far right corner of the room and a lamp. Maybe a desk...See? Can't even make up my mind....gheeez.
It's going to be 104 here today...heat index, whothehellknows. I've got to now put everything BACK in the room I took out...with lots to throw, laundry...Hubby's out mowing now so I best get on the move...I'll be back later to catch up on all of you...Have the COFFEE READY!!!Hahaaaa

Monday, July 18, 2011

Spoiler and a Rant...


OK...Is the room clear?

This weekend Hubby and I had some down-time to kill (Hubby's Geocache locator thingy broke and they are sending out a new one). So, what better way to spend it than laying up on the couch, eating some Pina Colada homemade ice cream and watching the re-make of True Grit?!!

I will be turning the big 6-0 sometime soon so that means I was old enough to appreciate the ORIGINAL True Grit when it made its debut in 1969. I was a senior in high school. A gang of us kids went to see it at the theater. It was Great and I have watched it many times since, thanks to VCR tapes and DVDs.

I miss John Wayne....

The NEW True Grit left Hubby and I staring at each other, mouths open and in a daze! You have GOT to be kidding me! Mattie has to have half her arm cut off because of the snake bite?? LaBouef LIVES and Matties Beloved horse, Blackie, is SHOT and killed by Cogburn while running ON FOOT to save Matties life??? I thought it was HIS horse....I need to watch the old version again..... Did I miss something? Mattie is a grown woman in the end, minus an arm, when she accepts an invitation to visit Cogburn (who now works for a circus/rodeo show) but upon arrival, finds he died three days earlier?

What a STUPID Movie!!! The way they talked, well, there are just NO words....MORONS!

Why can't DummyWood come up with something completely...ahhhh...ORIGINAL? Are there no real screenwriters left on this planet? AND...Steven Spielberg produced?

Jeff Bridges OVERplayed Cogburn's part...Matt Damon...brought NOTHING to the part of LaBouef....and the new Mattie??? At least Kim Darby LOOKED old enough to be kissed by Glen Campbell...(who, by the way, is IN Matties room when she wakes up...).

So, there you have my take on a Wasted hour and a half that could have been spent Happily cleaning toilets....

Happy Monday Gang!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is No One Listening?

Ok, here's the deal...I'm buying your Tempur Pedic, "Oh Thank You mam!"
(I wanted a glass of Champagne but none was forthcoming)
BUT! I need you to hold it until I call you for delivery...
"Oh Yes Mam! We do that Mam, in fact we can hold things until 2049!"
(I raise my eyebrows at this bit of information but keep my mouth shut...)
Paper work done, copies handed to me...leave store with two freebie Coconut smelling pillows.
(GADS......Hahahaaa......yes, I said coconut)
That was Tuesday.
Thursday, I see a Mattress Firm truck pull up at my house at 4:20pm.
Luckily, I was home.
I had gotten no phone call....
Out to the truck I go.
"Why are y'all here?" I ask.
"'Ta deliber yo' matres lady...."
Hair pulling time...I AM NOT READY for them. Far from it! If I had refused delivery, they go Back to the Louisville, Texas! God only knows the vile acts I would have to perform to get them back from the bottomless pit of Warehouses, the house they come. Ready or NOT! The movers will be here Monday to remove all my old furniture that is going to Crystal's house. They will just have to work around them...and SO WILL I!!!
The delivery man (punk) gave me a Mattress Firm "How did we Do" card....
I guess you now know, The Rest Of The Story....
Hope you have a great weekend Guys...Going for a nice glass of iced tea....and Excedrin.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Kind of "Hunting"

While Hubby is out doing his thing with geocaching, I've been out doing Mine!Hahaaa...It's time to do some sprucing up in the guest bedroom. We haven't changed a thing in there since before the grandkids were born...hummm...17 years?!! This is the new set I bought... Hubby is also a woodworker and he'd made the bed that is in there now. Since "Dad" made it, Crystal wanted it and the old dresser so I'm having the movers get it all and carry over to her place. Right now though, I'm busy clearing out the drawers and bookshelves...Gheeez! The "things" I've found...AND chucked! Got half the job done yesterday and hopefully will finish this afternoon. The whole room is going so I can do the touch up repairs and painting (if only I can decide on what color to use!!). I'll do a before and after with photos.

Well, until then, guess I'll get busy and get some coffee. Waking up at 3am on a work day makes for a LONG day!...Y'all have a good one!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Tried but it's Just Boring.....

Ok, well....posting today worked just fine! See? You just don't know when Blogger is going to cause a problem...sigh. It was a pretty decent weekend. Hubby and I went geocaching again a grave yard. See that tiny metal capsule up there? I made Hubby place a penny beside it so you could see what it IS that Hubby is so crazy about with geocaching! A lot of the capsules are this small...others are pill bottle size. See the scroll? He has to sign and date it...Hahahaaaa....omword! Oh well, he loves hunting these things and I don't. Can you say boring? So Sunday, when he said he was going out again, I congratulated him and said, Good luck. Off with a grin he goes. I've got my own plans....It involves buying new bedroom furniture...and paint. Now that's exciting!Hahaaaa.....Y'all have a great evening. I'm headed to the kitchen to make iced tea, grilled steaks and a nice cool salad.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Google to Re-Brand Picasa and Blogger...grief!

You know that Google has bought out Blogger don't you? Well, they did, back in 2003. Eventually, Bloggers name will be changed to...ready? GoogleBlog...Hahaaaa....catchy. Its taken them long enough to change the names hasn't it? Something new is suppose to "roll out" by July 30th...Who knows. Don't know about Picasa. I just want them to work. I think whatever they are doing behind the scenes is messing with Blogger....but then, I AM a conspiracy theorist...Hahaaaa... Three and a half hours to try to load a photo is....causing me...grief. One day Blogger works almost well, the next...horribly. It hasn't worked great in a long time. Donna at Cottage Days said something about it on her latest post so I thought I'd try posting something today, myself...and well...she was right. Why does it affect some bloggers and not the rest? No answers. So, if it gets too bad, I'll just leave a link here to my WordPress blog. It's not that bad YET...I love to threaten, don't I...Hahaaaa....Hope you have a great weekend everyone! Behave!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Refuse!

See those little toes? See those nails? They need clipping! You know those Doggy Nail grinders? I bought one....Everything was going well until I tried to slip one of Buddy's nails into the groove of the grinder...ALL hell broke loose...He screamed at me! LOUD!! I NEVER even got the nail itself up TO the grinder thingy! Gheeez! He jumped off the couch and ran into the living, in hot pursuit. Let me tell you, IF looks could I gave up. I refuse to put either one of us through this. I've had forty years of nail clipping under my belt...I'm done! His Vet is going to get the pleasure of doing this along with a donation of one idiotic Nail Grinder! I SHOULD know better than believe, much less BUY something I saw on TV. I will be sitting out in the waiting room while Buddy gives the Vet the dirty looks...
Hope you all are having a good day....I can't believe it's almost the weekend again!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Brenda's Photo Challenge (7-2-11)

God Bless America.....Well, this is my photo, To see more entries, go to Brenda's Photo Challenge hosted by Miz Brenda herself!
Here's hoping you all have a safe and peaceful holiday!