Monday, July 11, 2011

I Tried but it's Just Boring.....

Ok, well....posting today worked just fine! See? You just don't know when Blogger is going to cause a problem...sigh. It was a pretty decent weekend. Hubby and I went geocaching again a grave yard. See that tiny metal capsule up there? I made Hubby place a penny beside it so you could see what it IS that Hubby is so crazy about with geocaching! A lot of the capsules are this small...others are pill bottle size. See the scroll? He has to sign and date it...Hahahaaaa....omword! Oh well, he loves hunting these things and I don't. Can you say boring? So Sunday, when he said he was going out again, I congratulated him and said, Good luck. Off with a grin he goes. I've got my own plans....It involves buying new bedroom furniture...and paint. Now that's exciting!Hahaaaa.....Y'all have a great evening. I'm headed to the kitchen to make iced tea, grilled steaks and a nice cool salad.....


Debbie said...

I'm coming for dinner. Hope hubby doesn't mind.

I know it's hot there...and I have no idea what geocaching is.

Blogger is cooperating today, hence I get to comment!! Whoo hoo!

Yes...bedroom stuff is better than geo thingy :)

Ms. Becky said...

that dinner sounds delish. especially the salad part. I love your photo of the moss-speckled face. she has a beautiful, pensive expression. I guess cemeteries are a good spot to find that. have a fun week and stay cool Donna.

kimberly said...

i think buying furniture and paint sounds much more exciting too!!! but it's a good thing when hubbies have interests of their own and are happy! :-)have fun with the paint!

Sally said...

It's great that hubby has a hobby and doesn't mind going off on his own. Hey, did you buy new furniture?

Dinner here - baked chicken and scalloped taters, yours sounds better.

Yeah, I'm about ready to give up blogging - it's become too much of a hassle. Of course, I'd still visit my friends. :)

Anvilcloud said...

So ... he goes caching and you go ca-ching?!

Ann said...

I think your plans sound like much more fun than geocaching. At least you tried right?
LOVE that second photo, it's fabulous

Jeanette said...

Wow that is a tiny little thing! I think I should send my hubby with his metal detector to help find these little things!

Pat said...

Some of my relatives are into geocaching. Me? Not so much. But steak and a salad? Count me in!

GypsyFarmGirl said...

I love your picture of the statue! I don't know anything about geocaching...
Sooo what color are you painting? That is something I know about;) Can't wait to see your room makeover...if blogger cooperates!

Debbie Lo said...

I had no idea the capsules and paper were so TINY!!!! Wow! How is a person supposed to sign that sheet? With a magnifying glass, I suppose.

Sure hope you enjoyed your fresh salad and steak. Sounds delicious!

bichonpawz said...

I don't get the whole geocaching thing either!! I would MUCH rather be shopping...and eating...your dinner sounds great!!

Donna said...

Great picture of the statue! Love the sweet expression. Yeah,let hubby knock himself out. Go out and take pic while he is doing that!

Jenny said...

Oh girl, you had me at steaks on the grill. TG did a great big sirloin for us over the weekend. Yum. Now, this geocaching thing ... I'm gonna have to look into that although I will say you could not get me to look for anything outside in this heat. LOVE your cemetery pic! Now, admit it: that part was fun!

Out on the prairie said...

I always say,"When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping."

Brenda said...

I understand about the geocaching, have a friend who does that too, not my thing either. :-) Can't wait to see the new furniture, you will show us won't you?

Donna said...

Paxie, It IS hot! Things are really burned up...

Becky, Thank You! I love playing with photos!

Kim, You are SO right!Hahaaaa

Sally, yep! Done deal. Just have to give Crys the old stuff (Larry made the bed) and paint then move in the new.

Ac, Hahaaaa...CaChing is a Lovely sound!

Ann, Thank You Miz Ann!!

Jeanette, He'd probably do great with one!

Pat, Me Either!Hahaaa

Janice, Haven't decided yet but I'll do some before and after shots!

Debbie, I Know, but hubby seems to be having fun doing it so mums the word from me...

Jeanne, Riigghhtt!Hahaaaa

Donna, Thanks Girl! And yes Mam! He can have it!

Jenny, You bet it was...Love the picture taking part of it...when I could get him to STOP!!Hahaaa

Steve, Hahaaaa...that's MEH!!

Brenda, Oh Yeah! Before and after shots!

CityMom2 said...

Howdy Lady!
can't believe you are still having Blogger troubles! Felt like a time warp.
Admittedly, I thought geo caching sounded great when it first started getting kids nipped that in the bud! Nuh uh, no way!
Hope you love your furniture.

Donna said...

Hi Ellen! Where you Been Girl! You've been pretty quiet lately...
I go Only if I have to...Hahaaaa
Have a great day!