Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday William!

Wow Little Boy! You're growing TOO Fast! Have lots of fun today Sugarbritches! Gampa and Gamma LOVE You!!!

This week has just flown by! In fact the whole month of July has whizzed by, much too fast. Still trying to get organized and get things put away in the spare bedroom. Getting there!
I see we have a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico...We SURE could use some of the rain here. We've been in a severe drought for six months now. I ALSO MISSED my own Blogaversary!!! Gheeeez! Four years now on the old Blog! Just too much going on.
Well, I'll be out of touch for the weekend so I'm depending on you all to behave yourselves! You just lean back and try to have a happy and Peaceful time of it. I'll try to check in on you by cell phone. Enjoy!
OH YEAH! IF you get the urge for a chocolate treat, check out Kathy at Sugar Moon's post today!!! I Just had to post a link!


Paula said...

I refuse to behave while you're away, Miss Donna! *hehe*
Happy Birthday, cutie britches with the big blue eyes! Your momma better lock you up becasue the girls will be camping out on your doorstep soon.
Hope you all get some rain!

Anvilcloud said...

Happy Birthday to William, and y'all have a good weekend.

Bossy Betty said...

Hope you have a good weekend celebrating with that handsome boy!

Jill said...

HAPPY birthday to your handsome young man! Enjoy your weekend!

Jeanette said...

Happy birthday sweet William with your beautiful blue eyes!

Dolores said...

Happy birthday to your handsome blue eyed grandson!!!

Looks like rain may come our way.... sure hoping so!
Have a good weekend!

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your Blogaversary. I love your blog. Not to guilt you because I know you've got many irons in the fire, but I wish you blogged more. William is a beautiful boy. I turned the laptop around to show his picture to Erica and her jaw dropped. He has such sweet, expressive eyes. I bet the girls are queued up around the block to spend a few minutes in his company. Happy Birthday, William!!!

Donna said...

Paula, Thanks Girl! And you are Such a Minx!!Hahaaa...

Thanks Ac! And we will!

Betty, Thank you! Got a full weekend planned!
Same to you Girl!

Thank you Miss Jill!! You too!

Ahhh, thanks Jeanette...Happy weekend to you!

Delores! Thanks and I Pray it will reach this far north!

Jenny, Thanks for the Blogaversary wishes! I use to post more but this Summer has just flown by and I notice I might have only posted once or twice a week! I use to post a Lot more often! I'll work on it!
Ahhh...give Erica a big old hug for me!

CityMom2 said...

Time is flying I know!
You have a beautiful child in that photo...I bet girls are crushin on hm all over the state!

You take care and get some rain.

Donna said...

Thank you Ellen! If you SEE any rain, blow it this-a-way!!Hahaa

Ms. Becky said...

Happy Birthday William! July 28th is the best day of the year to be born!!! I agree Donna, summer is flying past me like I'm standing still. hope you get some rain, and whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope you have the time of your life. {{{hugs}}}

Donna said...

Thank you Miz Becky!
Hope you do Toooo!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, William. Happy Blogaversary to you.

Donna said...

Thanks Mel!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday William !! I text that sweet blue eye handsome boy this morning !! :)

Have a GREAT weekend !!! :)


Sally said...

I just love him!!! Hope he's had an awesome day. We sent a text (well, Patti did 'cause I don't know how). LOL

Enjoy your weekend; I hope it's going to be relaxing. (((hugs)))

SUGAR MOON said...

Happy Birthday to William. I'm going to have to show his pic to my 12 year-old granddaughter. LOL!!
Have a great week-end!
And thanks for the link.

bichonpawz said...

Happy Birthday to your William!! What a great capture! Wonderful picture Donna!! They do grow so very fast....where DOES the time go???? We are also very dry rain at all in ....forever! Hopefully tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

happy birthday to the handsome young William.

Pat said...

Hey - Happy Blogiversary!

That is a gorgeous photo of William!