Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is No One Listening?

Ok, here's the deal...I'm buying your Tempur Pedic, "Oh Thank You mam!"
(I wanted a glass of Champagne but none was forthcoming)
BUT! I need you to hold it until I call you for delivery...
"Oh Yes Mam! We do that Mam, in fact we can hold things until 2049!"
(I raise my eyebrows at this bit of information but keep my mouth shut...)
Paper work done, copies handed to me...leave store with two freebie Coconut smelling pillows.
(GADS......Hahahaaa......yes, I said coconut)
That was Tuesday.
Thursday, I see a Mattress Firm truck pull up at my house at 4:20pm.
Luckily, I was home.
I had gotten no phone call....
Out to the truck I go.
"Why are y'all here?" I ask.
"'Ta deliber yo' matres lady...."
Hair pulling time...I AM NOT READY for them. Far from it! If I had refused delivery, they go Back to the Louisville, Texas! God only knows the vile acts I would have to perform to get them back from the bottomless pit of Warehouses, the house they come. Ready or NOT! The movers will be here Monday to remove all my old furniture that is going to Crystal's house. They will just have to work around them...and SO WILL I!!!
The delivery man (punk) gave me a Mattress Firm "How did we Do" card....
I guess you now know, The Rest Of The Story....
Hope you have a great weekend Guys...Going for a nice glass of iced tea....and Excedrin.


Anvilcloud said...

Now, that's service! Delivering ahead of schedule. lol

nonizamboni said...

I can only laugh out loud because this wasn't ME in this drama! Its never simple but thank goodness for Excedrin.
I raise my ice tea to your, umm, bravery and new furniture!!!

Donna said...

Ac, I couldn't be mean to the delivery kids...but I wasn't very nice to Mattress Firm..Humffff!

Noni, Don't you just LOVE Excedrin???Hahaaa...Comes in handy!

Jeanette said...

Good heavens!! No one ever listens anymore!

Out on the prairie said...

I hear you about what would happen should you send them back.Where i live delivery is only once every other week so it would be forever to set up again. I hope you gave them some extended thoughts. It was nice you were nice to delivery, I am sure they collect flack from all the stores mistakes.

Sally said...

Well, yo jus gunna hav ta walk around dem matres's.

I'd a been a tad ticked off too,Donna. :(

Donna said...

Jeanette, They Surely do Not!

Steve, nope, wasn't their fault...but I know whose it IS and I went for Him!Hahaa

YO' Sal!!Hahaaaa....You Know you would have been! Nitwits!

Debbie said...

You might need a step ladder to get to sleep Ms. Donna LOL

If you wanted them early, they would have arrived late. There is rarely any good customer service out there!

Donna said...

You're SO right Miz PaxieGirl...I'm Not a happy camper today!

Caroline said...

It's kind of good to know in a bad kinda way that this happens in other countries to!

Donna said...

Caroline, Every darn Day!Hahaaa...
Happy day to you!

bichonpawz said...

Hmmm...on the positive least you got one of those super cool temperpedic mattresses! I love them! Cheers!

SUGAR MOON said...

Customer service seems to be getting worse and worse. Everywhere! Glad you got it though.

Anonymous said...

You get your mattress delivered early and I have to wait 5 weeks for someone to come and fix my stove. Where is the justice???

Ann said...

First off I'm A tempur pedic bed, I so want one.
Second, that's customer service for you these days. It's surprising when they do something right most of the time.
Coconut scented pillows sound rather cool. Kind of make you feel like you are sleeping somewhere tropical :)

Paula said...

Oh, Miss Donna~ you can tell the funniest stories!
"Yo matres"? I'm in the FLOOR over that one!

GypsyFarmGirl said...

Well that's about right, they deliba your matress when you don't want it. Sorry you are having troubles.

Jenny said...

Oh my soul Donna, you do NOT want to get me started on delivery and/or repair people. I practically break out in hives at the very thought of the people you have to deal with who simply REFUSE TO LISTEN to what you are saying. It is among life's most frustrating experiences. I'd go back and make them eat those coconut pillows.

BTW my son bought himself a queen-size bed this week and they gave him two free pillows. I don't know if they were scented but I'll ask.

I wanna stay in your guest roooooommmmm waaahhhhhhh!!

Dolores said...

Good thing you were home. Unusual to get something early, instead of waiting for weeks. But I feel your's so aggravating when we aren't called ahead of delivery time.

I love our Tempur Pedic......they're heavier than a Mac truck.

CityMom2 said...

Was the sale man bobbing his head up and down chanting,
"It don't matter what you say
We only do ze job one way?"

Glad you decided to keep itin the house. You never know what could have happened on it during the interim

kimberly said...

just seems to be the way things are these days.....i'm always thrilled when something actually happens the way it is supposed to!

Ms. Becky said...

well you had me at Tempur Pedic. I've had one for a number of years and couldn't sleep on anything else. when I was house-sitting last week I was sleeping on a sleep number mattress, and it couldn't even come close. I never ever wake up in pain on my Tempur Pedic. you are going to love this new mattress Donna. I will stay tuned to this saga. Pass the popcorn please. {{{hugs}}}

Pat said...

CUSTOMER SERVICE: A thing of the past!

BTW: I'm jealous of your new mattresses. Blog post to follow.

Crystal said...

The Princess and the Pea...LOLOL!!!

Debbie Lo said...

Maybe it's the kid in me, but seeing those mattresses piled that high, I had the fleeting urge to get on top of them and jump around. lol

Deliveries can be frustrating, for sure. But I would've done the same thing instead of having them sent back to the warehouse. Who knows how long you would have had to wait to get them back. Geez!