Sunday, November 29, 2015

Post Thanksgiving Turkey and Dumplings and Cherry Pie...

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Our family gathered, laughed, ate...did some more eating and before you knew it, it was over.  Just like that....I guess that's just the way things happen.  Time...goes by too darn fast!  The kiddos came up last weekend and spent the week.  That really helped relieve my "separation from the brats" problem...Hahaa... Everything works out in the end.
We also got Samantha (granddaughter) moved on the 19th into her new place.  It's a one bedroom starter place that's just perfect for her.  We had fun shopping with her this past week when her Mom (Crystal) came up for the visit.  Nothing like giggling and was fun.
So...after the official holiday had past, there were the...leftovers.  Not that there were many.  Leftover turkey got turned into turkey &  dumplings.  Found a pretty good recipe on Pinterest.  Hubby actually made me blush!  Said it was really good more easy cooking using biscuit dough...needs to be this, fresh dough...from now on...really...'cause he loved it...we'll see...Hahaa
The cherry pie was TOO EASY!!  Grab two ready made (or go ahead and make your own...I dare you)  pie shells...a nine inch cast iron skillet...a can of cherry PIE FILLING...I emphasize pie filling so you won't grab the cherries in juice...and four or five pats of butter.
In the dry, ungreased skillet, lay the uncooked first layer of pie crust...pour in the whole can of pie the filling with the butter...lay the second pie crust on top and create a magnificent (mine was simply gorgeous...NOT)  edge on your pie...vent the top with slits or one small hole in the center...bake at 350 degrees until you see the pie bubbling, takes about 35 to 45 minutes.  Serve hot with vanilla ice cream...Lordy, I'll never go back to the glass pans again! 
And last but not least, when Hubby's Dad and Mom came in the door on Thanksgiving, Dad handed us the vase of roses...What a sweet thing to do...He's 90!
Y'all have a great Sunday!  Going to see if I can get Hubs to get the Christmas tree out of storage...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just stopping in to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  I have so much to be thankful for...Thank you all for being my friend...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Loving Those Selfies...

Someone, and I won't mention her name, Crystal...was hollering at me to post so I guess I'll put on my thinking cap.  Nothing much has changed here lately.  The motorhome is still being worked on back at the place we bought it from.  Larry is in charge of monitoring all that....I just hope everything is coming along in a good way.
Sami drove down to Magnolia for a quick visit with her mom, Will and Tim last weekend.  Left on a Saturday after work, drove, spent the night then got up the next morning and drove home to get to work on time.  It was storming around here big time but she needed a "momma" fix! :0)  Hence, the selfie she sent me letting me know she made it just fine.  Her new apartment will be ready on the 19th and she'll be least it's in town close by.
As you can tell from the photo of Libby, we were both a bit nervous while waiting to hear from Sam...Hahaa....of course, Libby usually sends me mixed messages.  I think this was her "apprehensive" look but then again, it could also be her "snack" must really work at deciphering her mood...yes, it was apprehension...I'm almost positive...
Well, guess I'll get to moving...going to get blood test for the old annual physical.  Will be checking on you in a bit.
Have a super day!