Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally Friday...

Thank Heaven, it's Friday! Long week... As you can tell, I've been playing around with my background Again! I just can't find the right one out there in freebie blogland. When I changed my template from two column to three, I lost all the good free sites that I had on my blogroll. Now I have to start basically from scratch, but, since it's Friday evening...I think I'll pass...that's work!Hahaa...Here's hoping you all have a great evening! Also remember, the Brenda Photo Challenge is scheduled for tomorrow...LOL...sorry! But THEN the Next one will be in THREE weeks...I promise! Happy night all!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

HOOTERS..Someone's Gotta Do It!

LOL....There are more than a FEW men that work here...They are ALL out working on various jobs. Crystal and I were the only ones here for a while...The HOOTERS Girls came by, again ,with chicken wings...Crystal and I really enjoyed the chicken wings. The guys were a little sad they did not get to see the girls....Hahahaa

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never Again.....

Imagine the scene! We're out shopping...It's noonish. I innocently say to Hubby, "Hey! 'Wanna try out the new restaurant, Chuy's?"
"Sure, why not..." he replies.
So off we go on a new adventure in fine dining of which we've heard nothing but good reviews. The parking lot is FULL, we can hear Mexican music playing from the interstate...Hahaaaa...Oh yeah baby! We find a spot out near a goat or two in the back forty... and pile out of the truck anticipating a good meal! We SHOULD have known. Really. A young (we're talking nubile here) lady greets us at the door, screeching..."HI!! WELCOME TO CHUY'S!!" We should have turned around right there and then, but no, we continue into the lair. There are SIX, count 'em...SIX more infants at the welcome desk ALL welcoming us to Chuy' unison...all with those same screechy little voices. Do they practice that voice? In front of a mirror? Do colleges offer a degree for that voice? You know, like that penmanship they are so famous for?
We are seated. The waitress comes over and takes our orders...more screeching. The music is loud and has a rhythm that sets our teeth 'ta grinding with the beat! I look up to see...hundreds of hubcaps dangling over our heads. By this point our nerves are beginning to unravel, we feel the walls closing in...but we persist. The food MUST be great! There are just too many people...hummmm...they DO look youngish...College the tables.
FINALLY, our meals arrive and we take our first bite. needs LOTS of salt...We could be arrested for using so much salt! Dry...I'm talking "cracker" dry. We look at each other between LARGE gulps of iced tea, we look into each other's eyes...and smile. I recognise that smile...You know the one I'm talking about...The one that says, "You wait 'til we get outside..."LOLOL. The waitress again approaches our table offering more tea...No More thank you...Just bring the ticket...thanks.
The bill is quickly paid and we make a dash for the front doors to freedom. I swear, there's Another one saying goodbye to us now...I Think I could take her...she looks weak...but I don't get a chance. Hubby has Already made a dash to the truck and I Think he means to leave me behind! Gotta run guys...Prayers may be needed...Hahaa

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (4-24-10) Lighting

Playing with PhotoShop7...saturation. Greener, Isn't it?!
Untouched leaf with direct sunlight...
Untouched...Can You See Me Now??Hahahaa
PhotoShop7 color Something....In shadows....LOL...
Well, this is the photo of the Julia Child rose that I took last week and posted. (You KNOW I NEVER have posted FIVE photos before...and I'm sorry! But I couldn't choose...Hahaaa...) I thought it was about time I got into my Photoshop book to see what I could do with lighting...This was the result of that experiment...I think I like it the best. Don't know HOW I did this but that won't stop me from trying to do it Again!Hahaa...
Well, I was the one to choose Lighting for the Theme this Might know I'd pick something WAY out of my league!! But I Was Challenged so I suppose that's what it's all about!
Now I'm on the way over to see YOURS!! Have a Happy Saturday Everyone! I'll have the Next Challenge posted by Sunday evening! (The Brenda Photo Challenge)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where AM I??Hahaa

Goodness, Where is the time GOING? Isn't it still Monday?LOL....We're having a Sandwich lunch today here at work. Ken (office mgr) is out sick today. I Still say he shouldn't have eaten all that cream cheese...Hahaa. Haven't been doing much of anything except trying to play catch-up with just about Everything in my life...I don't think it's working! I purchased the above book last weekend to read and have YET to get it Opened! Geez.... Please don't forget the Brenda Photo Challenge is this weekend! If you haven't yet entered, go DO it! We'd love to see your photos! Well, guess I'll get back to work...Am I retired yet? I need to remember to buy that Lotto ticket!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving Julia Child...

Had to get some photos of the yellow Julia Child roses in front of our office. They are SO fragrant this year! Must have been all the cold weather we had during Winter. I cut some and put them on the front counter...nice. Well, it's Friday already! Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm going to get into my Photoshop book and see what there is to learn...or should I say, How much I can absorb!Hahaaa....Have a great one!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Late Wordless Wednesday....

I think we ALL need a....Song!Hahahaha.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Expensive Day Off...

Cute little David...Works with his Dad in the Air Conditioning business. He grew up across the street from us. I remember when he was just a BABY!!!Hahaaa.....gads
And THIS is, Dad...LOL...WHAT?? Well, I kept WAITING for him to turn around but he just kept on Working!! I don't think he wanted his picture taken!LOL...This may have been expensive to do but let me tell you...this sucker will blow you right out of the house! It's worth every penny! Summers get really hot here and when your A/C keeps running just to hold temp, THAT gets to be expensive. We put off doing this for the past two Summers but couldn't wait any longer. It kept freezing up on us last year.
Well, guess I'll go spend the Rest of my day off mowing the front the back done this morning. Y'all have a happy night or day, doing whatever you're doing...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beef...It's What's for Dinner!

Boy, were these GOOD! Tender! I think Hubby finally has the hang of it! I swooped in for a shot of them and got a snoot full of smoke for my efforts!Hahaaa.....
And This was a present from my sweet sister, Ruth Ann! Isn't it cute? It's an apple pie plate with it's own stand! Love the color! She and I played Beauty Parlor this morning and took turns cutting off our TOO long, locks! She first, then it was My turn. Took off about 5 inches! Feels a Lot better...
Well, as you can tell, it's a good...DO Nothing day here at the house. Feels good! Got fans running, blowing a delightful breeze on me while I type. Got my electric bill yesterday...$166.00!! Wonderful! This is pretty much, an all electric house...except for the stove top and fireplace, and the gas bill was only $11.00. Love those low bills!
Also, just a Reminder....Don't forget to go back and check out Brenda Photo Challenge late entries!!! There were several.
Well, guess I'll go check out the new photography book I bought it's Gonna Help Meh!!!Hahaaaa....Happy night everyone!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (4-10-10) Black & White

A White Crepe Myrtle that was planted beside the bank that I do business with. I took this last year and am glad I Did! It's now Gone!! I noticed it just today. It was always so gorgeous!
Can you BELIEVE $130.00 for one of these White rockers??? I was shocked! I remember when they only cost $30.00!! Geez!
WHAT???Hahaaa....All Right Now!! You KNEW I'd have to have one of "those" pics in the Challenge!!! My Daughter, Crystal....Well, now that you've seen Mine...I'm on the way to see Yours!!Hahaa... And a Big Thank you goes to Donna of Cottage Days for this fun theme!!
Happy Saturday Everyone! I should have the NEXT Challenge posted by tomorrow on the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking Around....gads

Oh Lordy....What a Month its busy and not enough hours in the day. I know I've been a Bad blog visitor as well...sorry! I have a lady that comes in to clean once a month BUT it looks like third time's the charm with her. The last time I came home after a "cleaning", the back patio door was standing wide open, rugs were out hanging on the back fence...waving away to no one in particular....the playroom floor not vacuumed...the vacuum jammed...nothing dusted in said playroom or other, various, parts of the house...lights left on. Looked like she had an emergency and just...left. Well, when I called and asked what Happened, said Cleaner...said..."Why, Nothing happened...Did you like the house?" I just said I wanted to keep what little I have and would like all doors shut and locked upon her exit. I KNOW, I KNOW!!! I'm just going to end it...She was doing weird things as time went on so, it's over...I'll go back to doing it, myself. If you hear muffled sounds coming from down'll be me....You'll find me under the pile of laundry in the corner...mumbling.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope you All have a Wonderful Day!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday's Feast

Turkey off the pit and sweet pork & beans....Lord, it was good! We closed the shop for Good Friday and I decided we'd have a good meal while the kiddos were here with us. Don't mind the range-top...Hubby likes to be artistic as he cooks..LOL...Hard to believe it's almost Easter....
Well, Crystal and Tim should be back from their honeymoon trip today...Sami is still here but William opted to go visit his Dad for the holiday weekend...I didn't think he'd go without Sami, but he Did....So, I'm just sitting here, drinking a hot cuppa coffee boring you to tears...Hahahaa...I DID Accidentally pet a possum the other morning.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have Pity On Meh!

Sitting on the patio when I look up and see this Wisteria growing in a tree on our fenceline! Gorgeous! The smell is wonderful!
Home after a tough day at school...William

Samantha's having NONE of the's good for her.
And School work...Are you dumber than a 4th Grader???? Can you say YES???LOL!!! Geez people! Every night this week it's been School around here...At least two hours a night. Spelling words, math....I think I'm ready for my SAT's! I Think I can even tell time properly now. More than...Less than....Uggggg...But we made a good grade!! Hahahaa......
SO! Now you know what I've been up to this week instead of doing the "Gamma" stuff...My washing machine has been run NIGHTLY (instead of weekly)...We've gone through TWO gallons of milk...HOW do you young people DO this??!!!Hahaa...I think God is good to older people in that he has removed our memories...It's like the childbirth experience, gone!
Now I do believe I'll pry myself off this chair and crawl to the coffee maker...Wonder if there's any left from this morning...NOT!!! Just kidding!!! I'll make fresh if I can reach it!! Night all!