Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where AM I??Hahaa

Goodness, Where is the time GOING? Isn't it still Monday?LOL....We're having a Sandwich lunch today here at work. Ken (office mgr) is out sick today. I Still say he shouldn't have eaten all that cream cheese...Hahaa. Haven't been doing much of anything except trying to play catch-up with just about Everything in my life...I don't think it's working! I purchased the above book last weekend to read and have YET to get it Opened! Geez.... Please don't forget the Brenda Photo Challenge is this weekend! If you haven't yet entered, go DO it! We'd love to see your photos! Well, guess I'll get back to work...Am I retired yet? I need to remember to buy that Lotto ticket!


kimberly said...

i know the feeling.....putting in wood flooring and i feel like i live in a revolving house that is in a continual duststorm....not getting a thing done!!! although there is a beautiful looking floor coming along!!!!
hugs and don't work too hard!!

Jeanette said...

If you are like me when I get too much to do my brain just kind of shuts down and I get so disorganized I can't get a thing accomplished! Good luck. Good looking sandwich too!

Dick said...

Yes you really should buy the lotto ticket, I think I need one too, lol.

Donna said...

Kimberly, New flooring! Goodness girl! How nice that is!!
We've been there and it IS a mess!!

Jeanette-Hahaa! You Got it! That's been Me lately...guess the wedding threw me off my game and it's hard to get into the routine again!

Dick! I'll go get them this evening! The "PowerBall" is worth 262mil this time!!

Ann said...

That sandwich looks pretty darn good. I also have a hard time catching up on things, my list just keeps getting longer. I'm with you lets get those lottery tickets and win some big bucks and retire :)

Donna said...

Boy Ann, Wouldn't that be Wonderfulllllll??!!!!

Sally said...

How can I know where you are when I don't even know where I am. :)

Too many things I can't talk about.........

Having to resort to re-runs on my blog, until things get back to normal. What IS normal anyway? :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It must be going around....I too feel like I am treading water and not gettin anywhere fast!
Days are soooo busy!
Hope that winning ticket is waiting for you....And you remember your Lovely Aussie friend when you win! *wink*

The Urban Cowboy said...

I thought we were still in January! :)

Donna said...

Sally...But you are my Keeper!!Hahaa...Lordy, what a month!!
Sending prayers your way!!

Cupcake, you and me Both! and dadgumit!!! I FORGOT to stop and get that darn ticket!!LOLolol...oh well...

Big Guy...LOLOLolol...geez you said it!! Happy night to you!

Donna said...

Keep a'scratching those Lotto numbers because retirement is pretty darn nice! (ducking from flying objects)

hahaha, I see you got the BEST PSE7 book out there! Yes, yes! Don't forget that there are online sources too. If we have a lick of time this weekend, I can round a few up and e-mail you some links. It just takes time to learn. It didn't do what I do overnight, and I still have a ton to learn.

Whoa doggies, wait until you see my pics in the challenge. One is very special - you will love my inspiration!

Lynn said...

The sandwich looks pretty good right now but am thinking of the left-over-from lunch fajitas I brought home for the "dogs." lol

Yikes! Glad you reminded us of the photo challenge because I'm wrapped up in the garden project and all else leaves my brain. Got to get the camera out. :D

SOUL said...

holy cow-- who knew so many had a foggy a mind as my own??? i almost feel better. :))

that isn't the sandwich i ordered. also-- i see it is slathered with mayo-- (gag me). i admit tho, it does look yummy. i might even eat it-- mayo and all... scraped off of course.
turkey BLT, is where it's at.
but i'm craving a grilled cheese.. out of bread tho-- i keep forgetting to get some.

anyhow-- yep that fish today was gettin a little fresh with me huh? i don't mind though-- i usually kiss bass all the time :))

hope ya get your mojo back soon--

and hey-- you still have time to get that ticket -- you'll surely be kickin yourself if your numbers come up and you don't have a ticket.

hugs - g'nite-

SOUL said...
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SOUL said...
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Amanda said...

Good luck with the lotto, if you win you can get someone to come and personally help you/teach you with photoshop LOL!!
I must get back to Brenda's photo challenge.
Amanda x

Anvilcloud said...

You'll probably find that book very helpful once you get into it. Kelby has a way of getting you to the good stuff without too much filler.

Joan said...

I installed Photoshop elements, but that is about as far as I got. Maybe in a week or so I will have time to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Neat post. Did you learn lots of new stuff from the book?

bichonpawz said...

I've got way too many irons in the fire, but the book does look interesting! Hope you get some time to read some point!!

Holly said...

I like the rose picture the best. My photos are posted on the 14, under Photo Challenge in the listing on the right side of my blog. Sorry, it's been a very challenging week.