Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking Around....gads

Oh Lordy....What a Month its been...so busy and not enough hours in the day. I know I've been a Bad blog visitor as well...sorry! I have a lady that comes in to clean once a month BUT it looks like third time's the charm with her. The last time I came home after a "cleaning", the back patio door was standing wide open, rugs were out hanging on the back fence...waving away to no one in particular....the playroom floor not vacuumed...the vacuum jammed...nothing dusted in said playroom or other, various, parts of the house...lights left on. Looked like she had an emergency and just...left. Well, when I called and asked what Happened, said Cleaner...said..."Why, Nothing happened...Did you like the house?" I just said I wanted to keep what little I have and would like all doors shut and locked upon her exit. I KNOW, I KNOW!!! I'm just going to end it...She was doing weird things as time went on so, it's over...I'll go back to doing it, myself. If you hear muffled sounds coming from down South...it'll be me....You'll find me under the pile of laundry in the corner...mumbling.


Sandi McBride said...

Mac won't let me hire anyone in because I nearly kill myself cleaning before they get there...so he figures whats the point...I agree with you, this is a strange one...now come out of that pile of laundry, I'll make tea.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Really/ Are there People that take so little care with their jobs.
I am currently housekeeping at a Fishing lodge,They are so spoilt by how much I do for them.
I genuinely love cleaning and take real pride,I think though they see me "just as the cleaner!"

But Boy who leaves doors wide open!

Donna said...

Sandi, I Think Mac has a point...I catch myself doing the same Thing!Hahaa...And I'm SO ready for that Tea!

Cupcake! Let me tell You, If you were to try to Leave, they'd be ALL over you...begging you to stay!
It's near to Impossible to find good help here...Can you come QUICKLY??Hahaaa

Donna said...

Yep, you had every right to fire her! I think I would have called the cops too, just for good measure, LOL. We lucked out and had a dandy cleaning lady spit-shin our country cottage after our move-out. How she got everything done and spotless in 8 hours, I'll never know! But we are going to hire her after we get settled at our new place, that's for sure!

Ann said...

So hard to find people that actually take pride in their work anymore. I know they are out there but they are way outnumbered by the ones that just want a quick buck. I wish I had someone to come clean my house. I couldn't even get my kids to do it when they lived here.

Donna said...

Donna, Boy That must be nice! I bet it WAS clean after 8hrs!! WoW!
She sounds like a Keeper, Girl!!
And that reminds me, Are you taking care of that knee?? Hope so! Don't over-do!!!

Ann, I Know what you mean! And I'm not IN to forking out a quick chunk-a-cash for what I got...I'll just go back to paying myself...LOL
Formal Cleaning? 100.00bucks!Hahaaa

Lynn said...

She is a weird one....and can't believe she asked how you like the house. What planet is she living on? Yeah, it sounds like time to let her go. By the same token, it is sad that she is getting so weird.
I'll say a prayer for her. :D

bichonpawz said...

Weird lady! I sure could use a cleaning lady though...a GOOD one!! And they are so very hard to find...good luck!!

Karen M said...

I've never had a cleaning lady, but I'm pretty sure I'd have to clean before they came and then re-do every thing they did.

But leaving so many things undone and then to expect you to be pleased is totally inexcusable.

Be sure to "pay" yourself.

Anvilcloud said...

Actually, you're a pretty faithful visitor.

Joan said...

What? she left the doors open...man what a dunce.

Pay yourself and now go get busy.

antigoni said...

I just saw the wedding photos. They look so happy and beautiful together. It's so important to find your other half in life. I wish them a happy , romantic, full of energy life. I'm so happy for you,too. You're so lovely and warm person. You deserve all the happiness of the world.

Jeanne said...

I know - there are never enough hours in my day for house cleaning either.
There are just so many other things that are more fun!
Don't work too hard!

Daniela said...

My oldest son lives back at home and one of the things he does is keep my house spotless. You could come over here and eat off the floors. I don't know if I'll let him leave again..haha.

Amanda said...

Sometimes to get the job done right means doing it yourself. I hate cleaning too if it makes you feel any better!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Wow, that would have drove me bonkers! I too paranoid to hire help like that, I would be worried all the time that they were casing my place out or going through my personal stuff.

Donna said...

Wow, that was some cleaning lady! Sometimes the only way to get something done right is to do it yourself!!


Lisa S. said...

I save all of my type A behavior for food. That said, I don't much care to clean my own house. Long as I work full time, somebody else can make money cleanin' my abode.

A good trustworthy cleaning person is worth what they charge in peace of mind and simple joy in a clean house. (Mine is cleaning the camper today; YAHOO - it's spring!)

First visit here, from the Urban Cowboy blog.

nonizamboni said...

Hope by now things are back in order. Sheesh...sorry about your helper.
Sending a hug along.

Anonymous said...

I have a cleaning lady. I was to fat to move for a long time. I am doing so much better. I help my cleaning lady now. It goes quicker... and not as expensive. I do stuff in between. I try to keep up with it... but I hate cleaning. LOL

I think I remember my username and password this time... if not.. this is Dawn from FB !!!!

Tried username and password... not right password. *sigh*

Faery said...

If I were there I'd have helped you, I like cleaning my house but not everyday due to spinal colunm problems so we have a cleaning lady that helps a lot.

Pamela said...

this has happened every time during my working days! I'd find someone who would clean once every so often - and the romance usually only last a couple of months. sigh.