Friday, May 7, 2010

Rut Rowwww!!!LOL

Hubby has decided he's going to be busy putting together this building this guess who's going to have to do all the cooking...Hahahaa!! He's nervous I tell 'ya!!
"Now honey, Sandwiches are FINE!"he says......"Salads!".....(gives me an encouraging smile...). I just stood there staring at him...You know, The Woman Knows How To Cook stare. I KNOW he was impressed when I asked him how hot I should get his Green Egg grill before I add the and THEIR grills! What IS UP with that? If I get Near it he starts to sweat!!LOL
Oh well, I can DO this! I'll be Cooking for my MAN!!! Guess I'd better get into the freezer and rummage around...It's time for coffee! Y'all have a Great and Happy weekend! If you see something GREEN in the skies above you, pay no attention....