Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sometimes, It Just Doesn't Pay to Get Up...

I think this is how my week has been going...leaking expenses!Hahaa...I mean it! Every time I turned around it was Something Else. House Insurance (which is expected) New A/C (which was Not). Then yesterday, I get up to a "I feel great, lets conquer the dust bunnies" kind of morning...Out comes the old trusty vacuum cleaner(At least 15yrs old)....won't pick up a blasted Thing! I worked on it for a LONG, frustrating, while but to no avail...I'd had enough...Lets Go To Town Hubby!! We did...and came home with a Dyson. I was hemming and hawing in the store...Should I or Shouldn't I. Hubby finally took the decision and ran with it...the Dyson.
Got it home, I unpacked and snapped it together and was off chasing those pesky dust bunnies in less than 20 minutes after unpacking. I Have to say, it's the BEST Vac I've Ever owned!
The Second thing that REALLY gets my "goat" is receiving graduation invitations from people I have NOT seen in 20 friggin years!!Hahahaa....Just Where have those Parents left their minds?? When I'm standing, envelope in hand...staring at the name...thinking, "WHO?"....It was probably a bad decision to SEND IT!! Of course, those parents think, I suppose, that since I knew THEM, I must also certainly know all their offspring (that said Parents never bothered to see to it that I got to know...)...Are you feeling the love now???Hahahaaa.....
The above invitation is just an advertisement photo but I have already received one too many. I am NOT, what's commonly called here in the South...The Cash Cow. I did my duty by the Graduates I Do know...Like my new Grandson, Tylar! Proud of you Baby Doll....Well Done! That's It! Don't get me wrong now...I'm glad kids manage to graduate these days with all the educational red tape they have to fight! But I only believe in rewarding those graduates That I Personally Know!LOL....geez...enough said.
Well, I know I feel better after this long vent...LOLOL...Hope you all have a Happy day or night where Ever you may be!


Anvilcloud said...

The cheek of some people.

Donna said...

Ac...lots of it....

Dolores said...

HI Donna..... thanks for stopping by my blog!

Seems like when one thing breaks, it goes by in 3's..... at least you're 'good to go' now......

I feel the same as you, about receiving invitations from people I hardly know or haven't seen in umpteen years....

You've sure got some good looking grandchildren....

SOUL said...

hey lady-
i've seen thos vacs in the stores-- was always curious about them. we don't need one- but if we end up in need - i may just scope one out. :))
i know what ya mean about the unexpected cash flow-- ugh, boy do i. hope you can build it back up soon.
but hey-- look on the bright side-- you'll be cool, and clean for a long time :))

happy sunday !

Jeanne said...

I hear ya on the invites. We got one from the kid of a kid of one of my cousins. Now I haven't seen the cousin in near over 15 years. Might have met the kid before then and have certainly never laid eyes on their kid. Why not just say 'I just want your $$'.

Donna said...

Thank you Delores! Hope all is calm with You and glad you enjoyed your day away!

Cool and clean for Sure Brenda!Hahaa

Jeanne, makes NO sense does it? I would never Dream of sending to people I haven't spoken to for years!!

Nita Jo said...

Sooo, are you saying you don't want to buy Grad Gifts, Baby Gifts, Wedding Gifts, for strangers? I am with you on that! I have to pinch and scrape. $$$ is tight everywhere.

I want a Dyson! Every time I think I can afford to upgrade my vacuum, something else falls apart! We had to replace our washer and dryer recently! Ouch! When did everything get so pricey?

Oh no...I'm ranting on your blog... sorry. Anyhoo... I hope your week goes much better!

Big Hugs!
Nita Jo

Joan said...

I wish my vac would pack it in. I'm always so disappointed when it starts up.

Sally said...

You just woke me up from my nap. Sheesh!! :)

Pamela said...

I worry that many graduate without an education. But that is another post.

Things break down in threes around my house. You might as well get your check writing skills all up to snuff.

Brenda said...

I've been through 4 vacuums in 8 years so now that you've tried it out, maybe I'll save for a dyson of my own. :-)

I hear ya bout those graduation invitations. I get them from the family of family of family that I rarely see even in passing.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Not gonna get started on the grads you don't know...but I will say that the Dyson Ball vacuum is the BEST vacuum I have ever had. Very good choice.

Donna said...

Strangers is Right Nita Jo! Incredible!

Joan...I know a guy...Hahahaaa
Hope you're enjoying all that TIME OFF up there!!!Hahaa

Donna said...

Sally girl, Sorry!!!Hahaaaa
Happy sleep!

Oh Thanks Miz Pamela!!LOLOL...NOT looking forward to That!!

I LOVE the Dyson! Wish I'd done this years ago!
Hope all's well with you!!

Hi Big Guy...Isn't it? Love mine too!
Hope your Son is well and safe!

Lynn said...

I got a pet hair Dyson model a couple of months ago and love it. My old vac was still working, but I was "holed-up" during the rainy, winter months with a broken right ankle. I saw blond dog hair from Luc, the Lab, I'd never seen before. I couldn't stand it.

The day the doctor said I could take the boot off to drive, I went straight to Home Depot, strapped the boot back on to go into the store, bought it, unstrapped the boot, drove home with with a brand new Dyson. lol

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Love a good Vac!
As for money well mne has wings and flies!!!....Straight outta my purse!

WR said...

Hi Donna:

It's a blessing that those people made it through college and congratulations to each one of them and their families. But saying just that to each one who has become an acquaintance over time is all any of us should have to do. Because as your week so clearly is difficult enough to keep up with the replacement costs in life. The celebrations of those we do see, know and love in every day has a cost too. A 'best wishes for every success' should be enough those folks more distant in our lives.

BTW, now I have Dyson envy! Still I hope my vac keeps running for several more years! :-)

Thank you dropping by wildwoods ~ it is always so nice to hear from you.

((( hugs ))) :-)

bichonpawz said...

I totally agree with you Donna! What on earth are these people thinking??? It's like they are sending us a bill! We don't even know these people! Really bugs me too!!

Sandy Trefger said...

You are going to love your new Dyson! Seriously. It is the best vac ever!!!! I have two. Not the ball one like yours though that will be my next one if these two ever die that is. They are well worth the $$$ so kudos to your hubby for taking the vac and running so to speak. Ha, ha.

And the grad invites. I'm so with you on that one. And Baby shower invites...hello, you never sent me a THANK YOU card for the wedding gift! Have a great day!

From the Heart of Texas

Jeanette said...

You know..when it rains it pours! Seems like sometimes everyone has their hands out!!

Ann said...

Those graduation invites are annoying. Why don't they just put on there what they really mean. They should say "we don't care if you come or not but my kid would like money"

JunieRose2005 said...

HA! Donna, I just had the same problem this weekend- had to get a new vac...however, C. got me one at the scratch n dent discount Sears place! I don't care- It works great!!

LOL- as for graduates...Yah- had to give up on most of them awhile back...LOL-C. and I have known a LOT of kids graduating over the years...both of us having a LOT on each side of the family-plus friends ( that you lost touch with years ago!!!)...Then there's the weddings and births coming on...haha- It gets expensive, for sure!


kimberly said...

i do believe that when 1 things least three others are right behind it!!! at least that is the way it is in our house!!! i always tried NOT to send any of our invites or announcements to any one other than close friends and family.......seems so odd to do otherwise! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree wholeheartedly!

I've never had a Dyson but glad you like yours. There's nothing more annoying than the vac not vaccing!!

CJ xx

Dawn said...

I have never heard of a Dyson. I am going to have to check them out. My 'old' vacuum is not keeping up with the pet hair.

IF I get any more annoucements, etc., for graduation, you will hear me scream. lol One of my FB 'persons' LOL, is graduating on Friday. I took her out for lunch today. That is it. I am so done with this stuff. When I graduated, it was family and friends only. Not long lost friends. lol I am venting ! haha

I hope I am not anonmyous this time. If I am, Dawn from FB !!

Phyllis said...

I have a small portable ORECK vac. I love it, but then I don't have carpeting. Just laminate. It sucks up them dust bunnies real good.