Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day One as Promised!

No big supper for Friday night but we Had to have Something!!LOL Cheese toast!
Lunch... I WORKED HARD!!!Hahahaa....Well, sort of...but Hubby said it was REALLY good!!LOL
Of course I had to get a shot of the Jasmine growing on the side of the house...Sweet!
It has been a long day. Hubby started to work on our little out building around eight, this morning, and finished at five. I do believe it will serve its purpose...parking the lawnmower. Yes, Hubby thinks the lawnmower needs its own little house, so he built it one. I Also did as I promised... I cooked! The stove and I had a tussle early on, but I won. I asked Hubby what I could do to help him with the building of the...quarters for the mower but, he insisted I just Something...else...Hahahaaa! I DID give some excellent pointers though, of which he was extremely grateful! I'm handy that way.
Well, I can't think of anything else that is pressing to talk about tonight...I DO hope all you Mothers out there have a Wonderful Sunday...I'll be planning my menus...Happy night!


nonizamboni said...

A good wife is hard to find, I always say.
You're such a good cook too!
Have wonderful mother's day tomorrow, Donna. You make the world a nicer place!

Donna said...

Ahhhh, thanks Miz Noni...You TOO!!
Happy sleep to you!

Jeanette said...

Nice of you to offer to help your hubby! I try not to offer to help mine because all I end up doing is fetching him this or running for that. It's his own personal gofer!

Sally said...

Y'all make a great team! Everything looks good; the "outhouse", the food and flowers.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Donna! :)

Caroline said...

Happy Mothers Day to you. Even from my side of the world you make my days cheery with your lovely comments.

bichonpawz said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Donna! Your food ALWAYS looks fabulous!!

Karen M said...

Your food pics always make it looks sooooooo delicious! I love your mower's new house. Our mower has been asking for a house too. Would you mind telling me some info about your mower's looks like what we've been looking for. Where did you get it, how big is it, etc.

Ann said...

Happy Mother's Day Donna. I hope it's a good one.
It looks like you did pretty good in the kitchen. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and we have it for dinner often.
Your lawn mower got a pretty fancy looking home there. Looks great.

Sandi McBride said...

Funny that, how men never want our help when they're off building something! Love the lawn mowers quarters...have a great day today, no cooking for you on Mother's Day...right? The cheese toast looks wonderful, and breakfast...well, I'm hungry lol
Happy Mother's Day, pal!

Jeanne said...

OMG That cheese toast looks amazing. Sadly dairy and I aren't getting along these days. 'sigh'. Good going Miz Donna! and Love those little gerkins with that tasty looking sandwich hehe. Happy Mother's Day sweetie!

Donna said...

I see that you specialize in cooking the "brown food group" like me! hahahaha!!!!!!! And the new lawnmower home looks cute! Hubby did good!

Marty remined me to tell you Happy Mother's Day!

Donna said...

Jeanette! LOL!! Good decision girl! They do keep you running!

Sallygirl, thank you! You too! Get lots of Sugars from the girls!!

Caroline, Well, I hope so! As do You, kind lady!! You have a great day!

Jeanne, Hope you do to! Make Lots of fun!!

Karen, Hubby got the little house at Sam's Club. It's called Lifetime Outdoor Storage and it cost, $598 plus tax. You have to screw it together. He said the instructions could have been a little more clear, but he figured it out...and it does feel sturdy...
Have a great one Girl!

Thanks Ann, And to you too! We have breakfast for supper, lots!Hahaa...

Hi Sandi! Glad to see you getting a rest from the garden!Hahaa..I know it kidnapped you, but you're safe now!!lolol
Happy day to you too!!

Jeanne, Doesn't it? It was delicious on Sesame Italian bread! Love the stuff...
Have a happy day Girl!

Donna said...

Donna, LOL!! We must have been typing at the same time Then hubby called me to breakfast so I HAD to go!!Hahaaa...
Hugs for Marty, my greatest defender!
Have a wonderful day too!

Brenda said...

Happy Mother's DAy!!

Your cheese toast looks delicious!!

Donna said...

Thanks Miz Brenda...It Was! That and coffee!
Hope you're doing Much better now!!

kimberly said...

oh my all looks amazing...the food and the shed!!!! happiest of mother's days to you brenda!!!

Joan said...

Happy Mothers Day Donna!
Dang, that looks good enough to eat.

Donna said...

Thank you Kimberly...Have a sweet sleep!

Joan...Thanks Miz Joan! Hope you didn't have to go leaf hunting again today!!Hahaaa...that old biddy!!Hahaa

Sandy Trefger said...

Well all that food looks like it was very yummy and the blooms lovely and they lawn mower house, very nice!

Donna said...

Thanks Sandy! Hope you had a happy Sunday!!

Donna said...

Nice little house for the mower. Hope you had a great Mother's Day, Donna!


Donna said...

I did Miz Donna! Thanks! You too!!

Pamela said...

look at that beautiful grass it covered up. . . . ohhhh so sad