Monday, August 29, 2011

What Makes People Do This?

One of my good Blogging Buddies blog was vandalized! Precious words were stolen from her site! Kathryn (Crystal Jigsaw) has been blogging for four years now...Lots of hard work involved in her post. What in the World are some people thinking when they set out to steal from others??? Do they REALLY think they won't get caught? Oh sure, they'll probably manage to steal and get by but the Mistress Karma is Always lurking in the background...waiting. I'm pretty sure none of MY post have ever been stolen...WHAT??? I HEARD that!! But then again, one never really knows. Some people work extremely hard on the preparation of their post...a few drops of Blood, Sweat and Tears are usually involved. Then, some intellectually blank thief swoops in to steal from you. Kathryn is angry to say the least...bless her heart! But, thanks to two vigilant fellow blogger friends of hers, the thief was found out! You know? I love how we all take care of each other! Well Done ladies! You can pop over to Kathryn's blog and read all about it.
Believe it or not, when Crystal (my kiddo) and I walked outside to go to lunch a while ago, there were RAINDROPS falling on our heads!!Hahaaa...Don't think the sky will dump anything worthwhile but at least it's cloudy! Also, thank goodness my East coast buddies are safe and sound from Irene! Not only do you have to watch out for the hurricane itself but, Also tornados within the hurricane! Scary stuff!
Well, guess I'll get to work...Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!