Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogroll Cleaning!

Goodness what a mess! I was looking through all the blog links that I have accumulated lately...not pretty! BUT! In my defense, when I find something or someone who proves interesting, I save the link. Some of the links weren't even in existence anymore! Some haven't posted in months (but I'm still hopeful...Hahaaaa) but I just don't have the heart to dump them yet...and some have never bothered to add me to their blog roll or visit me anymore, so out they go. It doesn't look like I did much, but I did manage to clean out eleven blogs. Better than nothing! You always need new space for those new links you might want to add...Hahaaaa.
If you're reading this...Don't Worry! You're still on my blog roll! I know who you are. It's just when I have to scratch my head wondering, just who IS Imelda from Timbuktu.
So, in between running around the shop and getting in the way of a very efficient daughter and hubby, I have chosen to get my invoices entered and clean out the blog roll...safer that way!Hahaaa....Hope you're all having a Cool or Warm day (as in temp...It's suppose to be 109 here today) and you get lots accomplished! Sneaking out of my office now for a coffee...maybe they won't see me....


Aunt Amelia said...

What a precious picture!!! Oh wow, I remember when I had a waist!! And I could wear a belt! Sure I have to dig deep into my memory cells. But, I do remember!

Does that count for anything? -grin-

Good for you, cleaning out Blog Files or whatever you call them. I don't put a list, on my blog. I use Google Reader. It tells me when one of my Dear Blogging Buddies has posted a new entry. And I can go peek in at it.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... Since I am so chatty, (You haven't noticed that yet though, have you???? -giggles-) Anyway since I always have something to say, I comment often.

Sometimes I wonder if I comment too often?

But I like comments.

I think all bloggers like 'em.

So, I just keep right on commenting away! :-))))))))

Gentle hugs,
"Aunt Amelia's Attic" blog at

Donna said...

Hahaaaa...Dear Amelia!
I added YOU to my blogroll so I could keep up with your smiling face!! And we Both have to keep an eye out on our Miz Jenny! That Rebelious Rebel!Hahaaaa
Glad you are on board!!

Nita Jo said...

Lol! It's time for me to delete Imelda from Timbuktu as well. I need to do some intense "blog cleaning" soon. I don't get on here often enough to keep up with everyone, but you are always going to be on my list! I hope you enjoy your coffee break! Blessings!

Paula said...

I hope you don't dump me Donna... I already have a low self-esteem complex...
I hope you're staying cool, dearie!

Anvilcloud said...

I long ago gave up trying to maintain a blogroll on my site. In Reader, which is what I use to track blogs, I have three categories: Prime, Secondary, and Dwindling Away. I also have a few uncategorized blogs. You, of course, are El Primo. :)

Donna said...

Nita, I Know what you mean! And I Appreciate you "Keeping" ME!!Hahaa

Paula!!Hahaaaa...I'd Never DUMP you! Get that lip up off the floor!!

Ac, El Primo?!! Hot Dang! Can't remember the last time someone called me that!Hahaaaa

Sally said...

Love that picture! I used to be her way, way back. :)

Okay then, about the time I delete a blog from my list (who hasn't posted in forever), here they come back again.

El Primo!! Love it!!!


jenn said...

I can't believe I was cut! I know I've been missing and not posting much, but I still read you!

SUGAR MOON said...

I promise when school starts I will try to post daily. Have a nice day!!

Donna said...

Sallygirl, Hahahaa...I KNOW! See Miz Jenn below??? Hahaaa...Haven't heard from her in forever! Thought she'd left me!

Jenn, Hahahaa...There You Are! I figured you got busy using FB, the job and kiddos! Putting you back since I heard your scream!!Lolol...

Kathy, You're doing JUST fine Girl! I know you're busy...

Ms. Becky said...

ha! girl, you crack me up with that classic photo! I like to do some blog housecleaning myself from time to time, and it's good to go through and clean out links that are no longer valid especially. I hope you're managing to stay cool Donna.

Jeanne said...

A good cleaning is always good. I have to go through my google reader every so often. And my interests change sometimes too for which I enjoy. Love that picture, you look fab! (hehe)

Ann said...

That picture cracked me up. I do the same thing with the blogs I follow from time to time. Some of them that I initially liked I just lost interest along the way. Some never post, some post too
For some reason though there are some that no matter how many times I stop following them, they still show up in my reader

Grandpa Grove said...

i was doing kind of the same thing last night....except cleaning up my "favorites" or bookmarks....everything i see i add to that darn list...and before i even know is overwhelming...or out of business or etc......i never had that big of a blog list...but did "clean house" a few weeks back of some that just didn't float my boat know we have the right to change our minds!!!

Donna said...

I guess I need to check and make sure you didn't't put me and Marty out with the trash, LOL! I do periodic cleaning too. In fact, I was thinking it was time for a new background and header too. See what you started!

Donna said...

Heavens! A thunderstorm just started and it sounds likebhail on the window!

bichonpawz said...

Love that pic!! Every now and then everybody has to do a little switching up with the blogroll!! I think it is important to keep updating! AND keeping those who actually read your blog! Have a great day!!

Caroline said...

Ahhh! Good to know I'm safe. LOL
Caroline xo

Dolores said...

What a coincidence; I did the same thing last night. And for the exact reasons you made your cleanup.
Great minds must think alike.

Praying for rain and cooler weather!

nonizamboni said...

Thanks for the photo for the call to declutter. You are such a sweet inspiration! And I'm glad you found cherries; its never too late.
Stay cool, my friend.

Jenny said...

I wish I'd been a lady in the Dior "new look" time of dressing, with the cinched waists complemented by pearls and heels! I love dressing up. People like to make fun of the "June Cleaver" style but I think they need to remember, most ladies in those days who could dress like that every day, had maids!!! LOLOL I don't think they scrubbed potties in such attire.

As to blogrolling, I don't know if I'm on yours (I guess I could check), but if I am, thank you very much and if I'm not, no big deal. I don't keep a blogroll as such ... only have a list of links to conservative political sites.

But I have discovered some great bloggers from your blogroll, so thanks!

Donna said...

Becky, It's SO darn HOT here! Hard to find a cool spot!!
Hope you're doing ok?!!

Jeanne, What is this Google Reader? Second time I've heard about it...

Ann, Oh well...Gotta make room for people who love 'Ya!Hahaa

Kimberly, Yes mam I Do know! Whatever floats our own personal boat!

Donna, GirlChild! Nope! Marty is safe but I think You're another Matter, Entirely!Hahaaaa....Remember THIS code-word...BEARS!!!Hahaaa

Jeanne, Oh Yeah! My list was getting so long I couldn't find Anyone! I've still got several more to do...LOVE the "Girls"!

Oh Caroline!!Hahaaaa...

Delores, We ARE truly Intelligent!!Hahaaaa....
You better be having a Smiling Day Girlie!

Thanks Noni! Get 'ta cleaning!Lolol

Donna said...

Jenny, Hahaaa...I've Never dressed like June! Had to be a maid in there Somewhere!
I DO have some GoodUns' on my blog roll don't I?!! Love 'em All!
And YES!!! You're there as well!

Latane Barton said...

It's always good to do some cleaning. I need to do the same thing myself. So, thanks for the idea.

Donna said...

Well, Enjoy your weekend Latane!!
It's always good to clean out the un-used!

Debbie said...

I love the photo! I'm guilty of not blogging...and I'm blaming it on my son being here and keeping me crazy. He's moving out this weekend to an apartment, so hopefully I will get back to blogging shortly!!

Have a good one hon :)

Pearl said...

I did a little cleaning up myself recently and was surprised to see how many blogs were no longer in existence.

I thought we were in this for the long haul, people! :-)


Donna said...

Love that photo! Have a good weekend, Donna!

GypsyFarmGirl said...

I'm still on the list! WooHoo!
I clean up my list every now and then as well. What I really need to clean is this house! lol
Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

You're always busy doing something constructive. Send some of that energy and productiveness ovah this way.

Dawn said...

I am always going to read you !! Just taking a break from the blogging !! I see you created some chaos around here on this post !! I am laughing clear from Missouri !! LOL *HUGS*