Friday, December 21, 2007

Trying Not To Forget!

Well the countdown is on...just four more days till Christmas! I'm going over all the last minute stuff in my head, hoping I haven't forgotten anything. Leave it to me though. I'll probably forget something big!!! Hope not.
Oldest granbaby is home with a sore throat and fever. It's EVERYWHERE!!! Y'all try to stay warm. Today it's going to be 73degrees here!!! Talk about people getting sick. One day it's 70 then it's 40...hard to stay well with that going on.
I'm looking forward to having time off from work. Gotta get in there and do laundry and vaccuum...something. Also, MUST get under the Christmas tree and rattle a few boxes....WHAT???....I won't.
Well, y'all have fun today and know I'm thinking of you all. Talk to you later.