Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a Week...

They are getting close to forcing me to upgrade to the newer interface here on Blogger. I have resisted! Here's the message I now see:

The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming days.

We've made many improvements to the new Blogger interface. Learn more

You can upgrade to the new interface at any time.

Uggggg....Now I'll have to learn all over again how to enlarge photos...Why can't they just let us CHOOSE what WE Want??? Sorry for screaming...I'm in a MOOD!

These elections have had my attention along with the conventions...You DO NOT want me to start here on Blogger about how I feel. My FB and Twitter friends got a pretty good snoot full...Hahaaaa...

I also had Jury duty on Tuesday. No, they did NOT pick me! It was a TWO PRIOR, DWI...ILLEGAL from Argentina...and this was his THIRD ARREST for the SAME DA*N offense!

I was asked by the defense if I could be lenient....Hahahaaaa...."NO Sir! He hasn't learned YET that drinking and driving doesn't WORK???" moron....

Also, when defense asked if any of us belonged to ANY activist type groups (??????) I raised my hand once again, "What type of so called Activist groups are you referring to???"

"Oh, like M.A.D.D......"

Cutting him off at the pass, I replied instantly, "Yes I DO belong to M.A.D.D.!"

Have you contributed money?

Yes, I Have!!

Thank you Number 16! (That was my number)

Well, it's just as well...I would have fought for the MAXIMUM sentence of 20yrs and $10 thousand dollars AND DEPORTATION before he climbs back into a car drunk and kills someone!

BIG SIGH HERE.......So...Hahahaaa....I Sincerely hope your lives are cool and calm and peaceful. I keep waiting for Mine to get there.

Have a great one!