Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a Week...

They are getting close to forcing me to upgrade to the newer interface here on Blogger. I have resisted! Here's the message I now see:

The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming days.

We've made many improvements to the new Blogger interface. Learn more

You can upgrade to the new interface at any time.

Uggggg....Now I'll have to learn all over again how to enlarge photos...Why can't they just let us CHOOSE what WE Want??? Sorry for screaming...I'm in a MOOD!

These elections have had my attention along with the conventions...You DO NOT want me to start here on Blogger about how I feel. My FB and Twitter friends got a pretty good snoot full...Hahaaaa...

I also had Jury duty on Tuesday. No, they did NOT pick me! It was a TWO PRIOR, DWI...ILLEGAL from Argentina...and this was his THIRD ARREST for the SAME DA*N offense!

I was asked by the defense if I could be lenient....Hahahaaaa...."NO Sir! He hasn't learned YET that drinking and driving doesn't WORK???" moron....

Also, when defense asked if any of us belonged to ANY activist type groups (??????) I raised my hand once again, "What type of so called Activist groups are you referring to???"

"Oh, like M.A.D.D......"

Cutting him off at the pass, I replied instantly, "Yes I DO belong to M.A.D.D.!"

Have you contributed money?

Yes, I Have!!

Thank you Number 16! (That was my number)

Well, it's just as well...I would have fought for the MAXIMUM sentence of 20yrs and $10 thousand dollars AND DEPORTATION before he climbs back into a car drunk and kills someone!

BIG SIGH HERE.......So...Hahahaaa....I Sincerely hope your lives are cool and calm and peaceful. I keep waiting for Mine to get there.

Have a great one!


Donna said...

Oh gosh, you're still using the old interface? I switched over a short while after they rolled out the new one and it's been easy breezy ever since. I like it SO much better! And the editor doesn't give me formatting fits like it used to (after I switched to a Mac & couldn't use Live Writer anymore). I don't have any problems sizing my photos either. Now, I know we're old dogs, but I'm an older dog than you and I did just fine with the change. So I know you can too!

Oh sister, don't get me started on the elections either! Of course, you see how I let off steam on twitter, LOL.

I've never, ever been called for jury duty! Gosh, 60 years old, always voted, and never been called! I guess they have me on the list of conservatives who believe that criminals should be locked up for a long, long time and illegals should be deported, LOL. Yeah, I pity the rest of the folks that would have me on the jury!

Anvilcloud said...

The new interface is easy peasy.

You have getting out of jury duty down pat.

Sally said...

Well goodness, girl. You know I don't know much at all about this computer stuff, but I didn't have a problem. And, I like it better too since they added google chrome.

I had jury duty once many years ago. And, have only been served two other times, one I wasn't chosen and the other I chose not to. :)

This political stuff (which as you know, I don't know much about either) but I don't think I can sit through an hour tonight at l0. I'll be going to bed early. LOL

Jill said...

I just love ya, girl!

Ann said...

the new interface really isn't all that bad.
I can't believe they didn't deport that guy after the first DWI. GEESH

Out on the prairie said...

I haven't seen anything about the interface.

A Colorful World said...

Sounds like you've been having an AWFUL week! Sorry! Hope things get better!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Yeah, I see that "Blogger Warning"! But do we believe it, this time? They have been kind-of-threatening such, for so long.<--Yup, I'm a pessimist. -grin-

OK, I better check to see what kind of some-thing-I-have. I'm so non-techy that I have to check. Think I did it already, though....

As to the convention... READ "Bread and Circuses" please... I didn't watch either one. I know my mind and don't need anyone to rev-me-up, for or against. All it does is 'get "Auntie's" panties in a twist,' to watch/listen to all that blather...

Really, all Conventions are just a big party. I am old enough to remember when Conventions were really conventions! Where haggling and I'll-do-this-for-you-if-you-do-that-for-me stuff went on. -sigh-

I know, some are shaking their heads at "Olden Auntie." Saying such things. But, I do remember. And so, these present-day-big-Parties are no fun for me to watch.

So, I wish you peace, my Dear!!! But you are Young and you have to get riled up and etc. Do it! Be my Voice. It won't cause your BP to rise like mine. Or even if it does, it won't cause a stroke, like it might, in me.

Courage to all thinking citizens of our Beloved Country!!!!!!

Gentle hugs,

Dolores said...

This is scaring me..... I haven't received any notices YET..... but I feel sure I will soon.
I want everything to stay the's so frustrating trying to make the decisions and make changes.... grrrr!

GypsyFarmGirl said...

Yes, It has been a crazy week! Whew and every business in town seemed to express the same sentiment yesterday.

I'm still on the old blogger and get the same message...guess I'll deal with that when its forced upon me. I Tried it once and switched back to the old way.

Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

Blogger is changing? How would I know if you didn't just tell me? Snort.

I would have deported his butt right outta here...grrrrrr.

Election? grrrrrrrr


Dawn said...

I had to start out with the new interface this time and I am lost. LOL I guess it doesn't take much. Ha !

I hope you get a some time for yourself on Sunday (tomorrow). Sounds like you need a bubble bath or a long shower then a good book and sit outside on a swing with a cup of coffee. :)

I keep hearing that I have won something. LOL I hate all of these ad's that are all over these blogs these days. Oh, he said it again. I am out of here !! :)

Anonymous said...

Re the Blogger thing, I was really horrified when I first realised they were changing the interface as you know how much of a technophobe I am, however, now I love it and it's much easier to use than the old one. Better options and clearer too, and the photos aren't any different I don't think. There's always lots on Blogger if you get stuck!

CJ x

Ms. Becky said...

heey, Donna, you need to de-stress! take a day at the spa. I'm just thinking how much fun it would be to do that with you! haven't done it in years though. at any rate, don't take it all too seriously. it isn't worth the headache, none of it. happy week to you. {{{hugs}}}

Tricia said...

I only just switched to the new interface...I've been resisting too. I don't think it feels very user friendly. Hope you have a good week.

Paula said...

Well, now I know how to get out of jury duty! *hahaha*
Welcome to the new Blogger look, Miss Donna... I had to go kicking and screaming but here I am... *sigh*
And I LOVE that Norman Rockwell painting of the Jury Room~ I always thought it was so cute!
Have a good day, Sweetie!

Brenda said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns about your beliefs! Drunk and driving do not go together, ever!

Not sure about cool, calm, or peaceful, it'll come though, for both of us I hope.

bichonpawz said...

I love this post Donna. I have days like this all the time. And you think just like me. Which I Love! :)

Hope things are looking up!!