Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Again

Nothing much to post about today. Went to work,since Sami has a game tonight I didn't have to take her to practice early, arrived around 6:30am. Got caught up on some much needed invoice entries. Closed the month and year out so I could progress with October entries. The year isn't quiet through, so I can't print out reports. Maybe tomorrow.

We got that much needed rain here this weekend. I think it was Mary Lou wishing it this way. Lord, it seems Washington State is catching it. I don't think I'd want that much rain. Sure can understand people getting depressed with so much darkness.

I keep trying to add a clock gadget to my blog, but no success. Don't know where to put it in the html code...I would put that question to the Blog Angel, but I know he's got his hands full right now. So, if you stop in sometime and all you see is a great big clock and nothing else, just shake your head, and know Donna was "at it again!" Y'all have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow.