Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't Mess with Seniors!

I just received this from an email...My Hubby must really like this or he'd never have sent it to me...It's so true...later...

The Waiting Room

This is so true! They always ask at the doctor's office why you are there, and you have to answer in front of others what's wrong and some times it is embarrassing. There's nothing worse than a receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong with you in a room full of other patients. Many of us have experienced this, and I love the way this old guy handled it.

An 86-year-old man walked into a crowded waiting room and approached the desk. The receptionist said, "Hello, sir. Can you please tell me why you're here to see the doctor today?"
"There's something wrong with my dick," he replied. The receptionist became irritated and said, "You shouldn't come into a crowded waiting room and say things like that." "Why not? You asked me what was wrong and I told you," he said. The receptionist replied, "Now you've caused some embarrassment in this room full of people. You should have said there is something wrong with your ear or something and discussed the problem further with the doctor in private."The man replied, "You shouldn't ask people questions in a room full of strangers, if the answer could embarrass anyone."
The man walked out, waited several minutes and then re-entered.The receptionist smiled smugly and asked, "Yes?"
"There's something wrong with my ear," he stated.The receptionist nodded approvingly and smiled, knowing he had taken her advice.
"And what is wrong with your ear, sir?"
"I can't piss out of it," he replied.The waiting room erupted in laughter.Mess with seniors and you're gonna lose!


Anonymous said...

Trying to play catchup after being gone a week. That joke is too funny! Senior and little kids are the best. My cousin works as a health aide at school. A first grader walked into her office Weds.; stood in front of her desk and said "My balls itch". hahaha

Your gumbo recipe sounds good. Mama used to make gumbo with shrimp, crab and okra. Yummy also.

Donna said...

Sally- Glad you're safe and sound. Hope you had fun on your trip!
Wonder what the teacher did!! lol
Don't you love gumbo? something so homey about a really hot bowl of it over rice! Have a great evening girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog - have enjoyed browsing through yours as well. Especially liked this post, it reminds me of many similar moments in doctor's waiting rooms over the years!

Donna said...

Freda- Thanks for the return visit! Isn't it the truth...