Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We woke up to those terrible fires out in California this morning! Heard a police helicopter was flying over an area and saw this idiot, riding his motorcycle, stopping to light fires! The police quickly surrounded him and took him away...What a sick person. All those different fire locations couldn't have been accidents. Over 500,000 people evacuated! What next...

"Bella" and "Sally" have seemed to gone missing! Wonderful bloggers. Miss hearing from you. Hope all is well!

The winds are still blowing like crazy here. It's still cooler than it was, which makes it nice for getting my cooking done. I'll make up the chili and gumbo tonight and that should carry us for the rest of the week, barring any other delays.
Well guess I'll close for now. Y'all have a safe evening and a better tomorrow.

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