Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad and Ken!

We have two birthday boys here today. Hubby's Father, Gerald, is (82) and Ken, our office manager is (51). Both youngsters will hopefully have a very happy day!

The picture is of Hubby's Dad back in 1944. What a hunk, huh? He's quite a guy. Best father-in-law to me, ever. The type of man who'd do anything for you. He works hard and never complains about anything...except never getting enough Blue Bell ice cream that is. We love him like crazy. Here's to you Dad!

Haven't got any pictures here at work to put up of Ken, but I do have at home, so I'll be updating this post tonight! We love you Ken, so don't think you're getting off easy!! I'm posting a picture!! lol So until later, y'all have a happy day!

PS- Hubby and I went down to his Dad and Mom's to deliver birthday goodies and while we were there, I got current shots of Gerald, Ann and their," real head of the household", Becker. I also uploaded the promised picture of Kenneth! Oh yes I did, big guy!!! lol Have a fun evening!