Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It Needs Tweeking

Well I made the barbecue sauce and cut the recipe in fourths. Gads, I would have needed 4 cans of tomato juice just to start with! Too much. So, Fourth ed everything, threw it in the pot, turned on the heat, and started tasting it...needed more sugar, more sugar...hummmmm..........
I've had better. Much better. My own for instance. Well, if you do want to try it, get it to where you like it. You may like it just fine the way it started out for me. And if you like onions added, make sure you saute them first, drain then add to the sauce. If you don't, you'll have barbecue "onion" sauce. It is a very quick sauce and may come in handy for that unexpected crowd. Oh well, on to other fun things. Have a good one! Oh yes, NO Hubby...that's NOT what's for dinner!!!