Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday William!

Wow Little Boy! You're growing TOO Fast! Have lots of fun today Sugarbritches! Gampa and Gamma LOVE You!!!

This week has just flown by! In fact the whole month of July has whizzed by, much too fast. Still trying to get organized and get things put away in the spare bedroom. Getting there!
I see we have a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico...We SURE could use some of the rain here. We've been in a severe drought for six months now. I ALSO MISSED my own Blogaversary!!! Gheeeez! Four years now on the old Blog! Just too much going on.
Well, I'll be out of touch for the weekend so I'm depending on you all to behave yourselves! You just lean back and try to have a happy and Peaceful time of it. I'll try to check in on you by cell phone. Enjoy!
OH YEAH! IF you get the urge for a chocolate treat, check out Kathy at Sugar Moon's post today!!! I Just had to post a link!