Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Really Not Ignoring You!

Crystal came in for a few hours .....Ahhhhhhhh!!!
We came in to a Roasting Hot Office!!! Had to call the AC Repairman who didn't show up until about one in the HOT afternoon!!!
Ken (office mgr) grabbing a quick lunch...
Me grabbing a quick lunch...while working...Geez!! It was BUSY! Phones never let up! Did Obama say something GOOD for a change??Hahahaa....With Crystal going back and forth from the hospital things are a little dicey around the shop...It'll probably be that way until Tim can be left alone for longer spurts of time. He was in surgery almost 5 hours on Monday having steel plates put on both sides of his ankle. He's been in loads of pain since then but Hopefully things will start to calm down in a few days.
I have Not had a real moment to blog this week OR visit much at All, so please bear with me until things start getting back in their normal rut! Until then, hope you all are well and peaceful!!! Have a great week Guys!!