Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Miracle on 34th Street

Ahhh...Who hasn't seen this one? Over and over again! Never get tired of this one either! I think I just love all Christmas movies! I'll really miss Christmas when it's over. The season is just too fun. And a lot of work, but isn't that fun to?

Finally getting my shopping list completed. Got everything wrapped and labeled. Had to go shopping for Hubby a new sport coat...found one for $100.00 off at Dillard's. Wonderfully soft corduroy. Why, you ask?...Federal Jury Duty summons!!! Hopefully, he won't get picked, but if he does, at least he'll be warm and fuzzy. If you get "the letter" for federal, you have to check in with the courthouse, every Friday, for three flipping months. SO, no travel plans can be made. Oh well, more time to spend warting the "kid" and grandbabies!

Walt Disney would have been 106 today! Happy birthday big guy!

Y'all have a happy, happy day today and I be checking in with you tomorrow!

Little Women and Love

Little Women you say? Oh Yeah ladies!!! This clip is the last few minutes of the movie. Gads, I love a good Love story...I suppose you could say that I was in love with, love. And why not? There's nothing better to give, receive or simply wait around for. It's always around us even if you've had such a terrible time of it. It's in the smiles of babies..the look your pet gives you, having all your family near you, or just one. It's in the sunrise and morning glories. It's in your childs tears or giggles...It's everywhere. It's alive. All you have to do is look. See it? I just did...in your smile. Have a wonderfully love filled day.