Monday, June 13, 2011

IPhone, IPad, ITouch Users, Did You Know??

I have an IPhone4...It started giving me trouble about two months ago. When I would try to shut it off, it would freeze. The little white twirly thingy would just keep twirling in the center of a black screen...Major frustration. What you have to do is push the Off button and the bottom menu button at the same time for at least 5 seconds....over and over again I did this and Finally, the lock screen would pop up...thank goodness! Well it happened AGAIN Saturday and Hubby said "That's IT, lets GO!" You see, I hate to go to the AT&T store...Thousands of people, and only two people to assist customers...Makes for a LONG wait! WELL!! God is GOOD! In we walk and the girl at the front desk ask how she can help us. I tell her the problem and would you believe she gave me an answer to my problem? No Waiting for a "special" person to help me!! SO, here's the answer...IF you knew this then you are smarter than I am and you get the blue ribbon. NO ONE told me and I have NEVER seen this written in ANY manuel from Apple.

First, DOUBLE punch the button at the bottom of your IPhone. Up will pop these icons! See mine are Twitter, FBook, C2C, mail....At this point, swish your finger Right to Left. If you are like me, you will see lots of icons roll by! Guess what? Like your computer at home, you have desktop ICONS....Well, on an IPhone, if you open an app just STAYS open! This bogs down the speed of your IPhone to load things like your mail, Fbook, etc. SO, now go to the Next step below!

Put your finger on one of those open apps until they start wiggling....Up pops little red circles with minus signs. Touch the minus signs of ALL the apps you want to close. (I clicked them All, but that just me...) If some of them don't come back up and work properly, all you need to do is, Delete the old Icon then... go to the APP Store and download it again. Easy!

If you clicked them All, this is what your phone should look like (above photo). NOW...just punch the bottom button just Once! WaaaaLaaaaa.....You SHOULD do this at least once a week to keep things running smoothly! OH! And make SURE you get to ITunes and load the latest firmware and software! The "fix" is in the newest UpDate download!

SO....There you have it. Technology is a wonderful thing IF you can get the makers to pony-up ALL the info that goes with it...I hope this was helpful OR will be in the future for all you IPhone AND IPAD owners! Yes, the same applies to you IPAD OWNERS as well...And ITouch Owners!!! SO, get busy and clean things up Now, so hopefully YOU won't be in a panic if things freeze up on you!

I'm SORRY to my Blogger Buddies who don't own an Apple product...I know this was boring!

Have a great day!