Saturday, February 2, 2008

Soothing the Alligator

Well, it Is still winter isn't it? Thought I'd better get this post done before it's suddenly Spring!! A week or more ago, I'd just HAD it with my body lotion!!! Sick of it and the routine you have to go through to get that gorgeous, sublime, smoothe, silky feel on your skin...key word here people...on. Tired of the slippery creams, lotions, name it, I've tried it. I literally stopped wearing shorts in the Summer because of the dryness. WELL....last week, I'd had enough of this silliness...the ads on the TV that show the alligator, with the nubile lovely (probably about 16yrs of age) waving her hand around in the air saying good bye to the alligator...Humph....Well Missy...Two can play that game!! LOL... Research I say!!! So I did. Know what I found out? I wasn't getting enough Fatty Acid!! SO Darn Simple!!! Didn't cost me thousands of dollars....nor did I have to sign over my last born....(now there's a thought..)LOL ask.."What modern marvel did you find, Donna"?...Omega3.....yes people, Omega...flipping...3. I took one 1200mg a day. Within three days, the flakeyness and dryness on my legs, arms and hands had disappeared. One week after starting the fish oil, it's all gone...smooth skin. For the last two flipping years I have complained to my physician, Dr. HellifIknow. Continue to take your vitamins and try more oatmeal bathes.....he'd say. I Do know. Geez, wait until I see him at next check-up...Here's a link to some of the research I found.
For Every Disease, There's a Cause!!! Research it. So why didn't HE??? They do not care. But you know what? That's OK. This was my lesson to learn and learn it, I did. I've seen too much, heard too much, to totally trust any of the "professionals". I Am one...LOL
So, thanks for listening to my little venting session this afternoon (wipeing tear from cheek). I do think the only thing that will help me after such an outburst would be a nice cuppa coffee...and perhaps another slice of homemade wheat bread Hubby just made..sniff, sniff...LOL...or a delicious oat bran muffin. Oh my, I do believe I'm already feeling So much better!!! LOL Y'all have a fun, warm and happy night!