Monday, May 7, 2012

I Got Mooned...

Yeppers...I got Mooned Saturday night! I actually was able to get a decent shot of the moon with my newest camera addition, the Nikon P510! LOVE it! Saturday night, the moon was at it's nearest to Earth's orbit at 11:35pm...Hubby and I were in San Antonio visiting friends for the weekend when I heard about it and hoped I could stay up long enough to get a shot at it. I have NEVER been able to get a decent shot...until now. It was a Beautiful Moon...and it was bigger and brighter than usual...nice.
Sorry I haven't been reading and commenting lately...It's just been busy around here and also I've been playing with my Photoshop program trying to learn it. You know you're hooked when you start playing around with it at 5pm then's 5 hours later???Hahaaa...Oh well, it's fun. We were also out of town this last weekend visiting friends in San Antonio and I didn't post or read blogs...Sorry! I'll fix That, today!
Hope you all are safe from the storms...Going to read YOUR blogs now!