Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marty comes for a visit...

Sometimes, you just need to get outta town!  Mr Marty belongs to Miz Donna at  Cottage Days.  He's her mascot...chief welcomer.   Donna is a fantastic photographer and so is her husband, Mr Jim.  They've all been going through a few rough patches lately so if you want to go soak up some Gorgeous photography and just generally some sweet "doings", go check out her blog.  While you're at it...leave behind, some prayers.  We all need some extra hugs at one time or another...Marty will finish eating his pear and be hopping on home by this evening...rested and renewed.

Not much else going on here...We did get a new patio and cover added and also a new rought (sp?) iron gate added...tore down an old out building and planters...but I'm sure that's about as interesting to you as getting a hypodermic at your local doctor's office.  SO, Hope you all have a super week and please try to stay out of trouble!  :O)