Friday, July 8, 2011

Google to Re-Brand Picasa and Blogger...grief!

You know that Google has bought out Blogger don't you? Well, they did, back in 2003. Eventually, Bloggers name will be changed to...ready? GoogleBlog...Hahaaaa....catchy. Its taken them long enough to change the names hasn't it? Something new is suppose to "roll out" by July 30th...Who knows. Don't know about Picasa. I just want them to work. I think whatever they are doing behind the scenes is messing with Blogger....but then, I AM a conspiracy theorist...Hahaaaa... Three and a half hours to try to load a photo is....causing me...grief. One day Blogger works almost well, the next...horribly. It hasn't worked great in a long time. Donna at Cottage Days said something about it on her latest post so I thought I'd try posting something today, myself...and well...she was right. Why does it affect some bloggers and not the rest? No answers. So, if it gets too bad, I'll just leave a link here to my WordPress blog. It's not that bad YET...I love to threaten, don't I...Hahaaaa....Hope you have a great weekend everyone! Behave!