Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shrimp & Grits, IMACs and Toast for Breakfast...

Santa was good to me...I've only written him, about wanting to switch over to Macs, ohhh...nine or ten times...Hahaaa...I've got tons to figure out! Like...In my Photoshop 10 for MAC, how do you save photos in .jpg format? Can't find the place to change it like I could in the PC version of PSEs....For all of these photos, I had to go to PicNik to change them...what a pain!
Buddy Always gets ONE little bite of breakfast from this case, toast.
Hahahaaa....OH! Stop That! I don't remember where I found this recipe but I had said to Hubby, sometime last week, that I thought that Grits sounded good for breakfast someday soon...Well...This morning I'm sitting at my new IMAC/Lion-OS (Oh Yeah...Santa is SO sweet) when I start to smell...shrimp! Mind you, it's 6am...time for another coffee from the kitchen. Upon my arrival, there's Hubby hunched over his steaming pot of...something. Oh well, I grab a fresh coffee and head back to the computer.
"Breakfast is Ready!", I hear.
Hahahaaa.....ok....This is what I find on my second trip to the kitchen. Shrimp & Grits. An old Southern staple. I'd never had my grits with shrimp before, but I had heard of it. Know what? Served with toast...I must say it was good! I just think it's better served for supper than breakfast...Hahaaa....too heavy a meal.
Well, guess I'll go get a coffee last cup has gone cold.
Ok! Crystal just called! We are going out on picture taking expedition...Maybe I'll get something worth posting...
Enjoy your day!