Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wonder Woman and the Loo...

Goodness! Got home yesterday and I became a virtual, Powerhouse! When I drove up to the house, I drove slowly...observing the landscape. Yuck!! The yard needed attention. Got inside, opened all the windows to let that cool breeze blow through all the rooms. We have an attic fan but the wind was blowing hard enough that I didn't need to turn it on. Then I had a look around...Yuck!!! I'd need to get busy in here to. So, first things first, outside I went, lawn mower key in hand, and started. The Dixon powered right up and off I it all mowed in less than 45 minutes, front and that Dixon! Then it was time for the inside...geez...nooks and cranny type of cleaning. Got all that done as well and was actually rewarded for my work as well! The kids didn't find all the Easter candy that was hidden!!...WHAT?!! Yes, I ate ONE of the three I found!!LOL...gave the other two to Sami. William doesn't...(gulp) chocolate...Can you believe that??
In my efforts to get the bathrooms cleaned...when I opened the door to the bathroom the kids use, my eyes immediately fell to the floor. Laying BESIDE the toilet And the TRASHCAN was what you see in the picture. I dearly love my little family...I Do!! BUT, are their little fingers broken? They have cast on both of their hands and I just missed seeing them?? You know, after a while, you want to make a statement. I did. I picked the offending items up, wrote my message, placed them in a strategic position on the carpet, backed out and closed the door. Would you believe? After everyone came home, Sami comes to ask me if I left said items on the floor... I reply in the affirmative...then she says..."How funny Gamma"!...and walks back to her room.....
I say nothing. About ten minutes later, Crystal comes in asking for my camera. When she's finished with it, she hands it to me and says, "Now you have something else to post about"!...laughing. I download the picture and the above is what I saw. Geez....Oh well, I didn't ask who eventually picked the items up, I "heard" who picked them up...the offender was Sami.
I believe I heard her say something like, "But Gamma did it"....but I can't prove it...LOL...never a dull moment.
Here's hoping your day is a peaceful and happy one.

Bubbles and D.B. Cooper

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Doesn't this look like fun? It's going to be 83degrees (28.3C) here today! I'll be opening the windows for a while at the house. Won't be able to leave them open for long though...too hot to try to sleep. That means running the A/C for a bit to cool it back down.
SO...I hear they may have found D.B. Cooper's parachute in a farmers field! My goodness, he got away with about $200,000.00 in 1971 by jumping from a plane. Two kids found some strings on the ground and started pulling...Needless to say old D.B. must have lived, if the parachute was buried. Can they Still get finger prints from the parachute after all this time?? It was a Big deal in those days. "Anti Establishment" feelings were still very prominent. Lots of people were "rooting" for him to get away. Looks like he did.

Well I suppose I'd best get to work. Here's hoping your day bounces along happily and lots of warm winds and sunshine come your way.