Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pictures and Windows, Oh My.....

Nita at Red Tin Heart (Nita) has challenged other bloggers to take their photos and post them. I never was photogenic! This is all you get! I'm waiting for the computer guy to get to the shop to finish repairing our server. Crystal and the girls Sami & friends) left to go to Sam's volleyball tournament. Probably gone all day. William has elected to stay behind with Gamma & Gampa. We'll find something to do.

I was reading at Life after Nexcom (MaryLou) and her brother is not doing so well! Get those prayers going everyone! Her link is in my list of favorites to read. Oh, and Reggie...Got your card! Thanks!! My grandson is standing beside me wanting to go check an XBox360 game in the living room...must throw myself down the hall and do his Back in a little while!

OK, I'm back...Hubby is putting in new windows all the way around the house. They've needed to be changed out for some time now. We bought this house in March of '74 and had storm windows attached. Well, when you have to hold the storm window itself open with a stick, it's time for a change. The new ones unlock and swing forward for easy cleaning! Love that feature. Guess I'll go put on a little cuppa coffee. Y'all have a peaceful evening!