Monday, January 17, 2011

Is It Just Me?'s a Monday. I'd rather be doing the dreaded laundry than have to come to work...BUT, to work, I came. It's Martin Luther King Day...a bonified holiday here in Texas. Hubby usually has Rotary on Mondays but today being a holiday, he didn't have to attend.
Just to let you know...I admire Dr. King...This post has nothing to do with him, except, since it is a holiday, Hubby had to feed me at lunch. We went to Sonic. It was open. Sitting across from us sat a young mother and her child. At first we couldn't figure out just What Mother was doing but when we saw her and said child run behind her pick-up to the playground, we figured it out. Said child wanted to play. Ok....It's cold here, mother has on a heavy sweater. Said child is wearing nothing but a thin long sleeved t-shirt and pants. Mother unlocks the gate, lets child go in to the play area alone and shuts the gate then runs back to her warm pick-up. I ask you...Is It Just Me??? I know it's Monday...the lowest day of the week. When I see a Mother dump her kid COATLESS no less, in a playground, and run back to the pick-up...It Must Be Cold!!! What about the kid?? I Really wanted to get MY rear end out of MY warm pick-up and go do a little interfering....Like, "Get a Coat on that kid!!" What is UP with these Kids-Raising-Kids, these days??? They wonder WHY bad things happen? That child could have been snatched in a heartbeat from that play area! Mother had her back to it!
I'm not Over protective gang...I'm just protective! It must be the over abundance of minerals or the fluoride in the water...I don't know, but I DO know it only takes a second for a situation to turn bad.
Ok, I've ranted...I need coffee...