Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday!

Thank goodness it's Friday! I was beginning to think this week wasn't Ever going to end! I've had a sinus infection 'ta beat the band and have been been feeling like....well you know. I didn't take the above photo...I think my grandson, Will, did. He's eleven. That's grandaughter Samantha and daughter, Crystal. They seem to be at some rodeo thing...I can't keep up with them or anything else this week. I think when I get home from work, I'll find a dark closet and close the door....Hahaaa.....Don't Forget to get your Brenda Photo Challenge photos ready for viewing! You can post them as early as this afternoon if you want. I'm not picky.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


Brenda said...

Happy Friday! I'm working on my challenge post right now. Later gator!

Anvilcloud said...

Sometimes those tilty photos work well. The young are more likely to do it; it seldom crosses my mind.

Donna said...

Donna, you make me smile. Even when you're not feeling well you still have a sense of humor. Take care and hope you feel better soon.


Out on the prairie said...

Hey closet girl, get rid of that yuck and do something fun this weekend.I was out all day enjoying an unusual sunny day.That would have got you going, deep woods and lots of snow.Hope you feel better. Love this header.

Donna said...

Brenda, good girl! Can't wait to see!!
Happy weekend!

Ac, Will does tend to lean the camera a I think he got a good shot...Have a warm weekend!

Thanks Miz Donna... If you're sick you either can smile or cry... My nose is raw so I'll just smile...Hahaa...You have a
fun weekend yourself!!

Steve, Hahaaaa... Well, if there's any cedar trees around, You're in trouble buddy!!
Enjoy that snow!!

Ms. Becky said...

Almost 70 degrees huh? Well I think you would be a super fun person to drink a few Margaritas with. I'm heading over to check out the challenge. It shouldn't be too difficult for me to come up with "frozen". I'm living it. Have a great weekend Donna!

Debbie said...

I'm catching up backwards. I've been to the frozen one LOL

I love your header too now that everyone pointed it out to me. I'm backwards and slow so far this morning. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

I may venture out. The deck is so strewn with nature, it looks like the birds are in the woods.

Dolores said...

Pretty girls tilted or not!!!

Hope you're well!

Donna said...

They are so cute! Could Miz Crystal share her secret on how to stay so incredibly thin an gorgeous? I would kill for a figure like that again, LOL!

Ann said...

Well since I didn't get to this until today I sure hope you're feeling better.

Paula said...

Beautiful picture of your "rodeo gals", Miss Donna!!