Friday, December 28, 2007

Smith and Washington

Two Birthdays today of two actors I really admire. Denzel Washington(53) and Dame Maggie Smith(73). Love all their movies. Believable. I don't really have favorites of either actor...I just like everything they act in. If their name is listed, I watch. Haven't been d isappointed yet.
Well, here it is a Friday again! We'll be working Monday and off Tuesday. Not really sure what we'll be doing this weekend...hopefully reading, blogging, drinking coffee...playing with the camera. Crystal gave Larry and I one of those photo frames that play your uploaded photos like a slide show. Guess I'll get in there and try to figure out how to get pictures into it!
Well, y'all have a wonderful day...try to stay warm and get lots of reading and playing done! Talk to you tomorrow.