Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Update...

Crystal called and said everything was looking really good! Physical Therapy came and got Tim and gave him a good workout walking up and down the hospital hallway with crutches. The doctor will come by tonight and if he likes what he sees, they can get on the road tomorrow, for home! He has an appointment scheduled to see a surgeon here in town on the 17th...Crys had to go shopping at the local Target for extra pillows and a lightweight blanket...she's excited to finally being able to get rolling. I have a picture of what the contraption looks like without the bandage BUT...a few of you might run, screaming from the room, so I'll just leave things to your imaginations!Hahaa...Whimps!

Thank you All for your prayers and concerns!!! Hopefully, tomorrow night, I'll be letting you know that they are Finally home!! Have a great night or day everyone!!