Friday, November 23, 2007

Cute Idea (second post of the day)

Got this cursor idea from Jenn, (on Everyday Life,Love & Happiness(Crystal's blogroll)(on my blog roll). (Confused Already)? Just find Jenn on Crystal's site...It's suppose to show up as an angel while you're visiting my site. When I went to her site, it showed up as a Christmas Tree. Cute idea! I clicked on it to see if I could go to the website, but it wouldn't do it. So, I typed in Cursor Mania in the search field of the Internet, and it's the first on the list. There's ton's to choose from. It stays with you until you change it, so if all you want is the plain white arrow on your regular work outside your blog, don't worry, they have the regular one to. If you've changed, and want to change back to the white arrow,for your outside windows, just click on "default" in the list. That gives you your white arrow for regular work and your cute whatever inside your blog! Fun Idea. After the holidays you can again change it to whatever you want. More blog lessons!!! Groaning? Do I hear Groaning? Night all!

'Tis The Season

Well look at that! Finally, 'tis the season! I love this time of year but it always seems to go by too fast to suit me. I suppose that's why I like to get started early. If I had my way, I'd have put the tree up early November...but...Hubby probably would have gone on strike. No cooking. Period. SO, I waited. Now the other trick is to make sure I get my shopping done by December 1st! That means by this week. I'll do it...geez...
Not quite satisfied with the tree though. Needs something. Bows? I sometimes put them on but I'm not sure if that's the answer. Oh well, I'll figure that out to. How about y'all? Waiting or putting the tree up now. Guess I'll go get busy. Hubby is smoking our turkey right now so I need to do the salad and add the finishing touches to the meal. Have a fun day and I'll talk at 'cha later.