Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Pictures and I Done Made Me Some Pie!

I made pie and posted pictures...Geez, that takes time!!LOL

Voila'....Good old American Apple Pie

This was part of the Admiral Nimitz Museum which we visited

Can you imagine what would happen to the soldier that sent this skull of the enemy home to his little woman???...Nowadays????

Reenactment of what a camp in the Pacific theater would have looked like...see the rats?

Iris' in the Japanese garden

These underware were knitted by women prisoners of war (WWll)

Entrance to the garden

Japanese garden donated to Admiral Nimitz Museum...

A German restaurant where we ate German pancakes...good!

Here's some more pictures....Just waiting for dinner and thought I'd add a few more. Don't forget to click on the pictures for a better view. LOL...I Know you're thrilled...get over it!!LOL....Happy night or day to you!!


Brenda said...

Wonderful photos!! I especially love the ones of the Japanese garden, lovely!

Donna said...

Brenda- Thank you sweetie! That museum was really something. Amazing things. The Iris were So that setting. Hope your day was a fun one!!hughugs

jenn said...

I want a piece of that pie!!! It looks sooooo yummy!

Donna said...

Jenn- I'll be waiting for you!! I won't tell Crystal that I enticed you!!'re not 'gonna tell on me are you??!!LOLOL...luv u sweetie!hughugs

Sally said...

Wonderful pictures! Now, about that pie, it looks sooo good. How in the world did it grow so tall? I'm not a pie maker, so please enlighten me. hahaha

I need a nurse; fever, chills, aches, sneezing, coughing. Can you take next week off? I'll send you a ticket!

Dixie Belle said...

Looks like you are having a great time!

Pauline Evanosky said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip. Very impressive pie!

Anvilcloud said...

Are those chunks of butter in the first picture?

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Your pie look delicious!
And I should like to walk in the peace garden.

Rosie said...

WOW oh WOW just look at that stunning apple pie!! Oh please can I have the recipe for this? Beg - beg ;)

Lovely photos Donna I would love to walk in the Japanese garden such beauty and peace.

Hugshugs Rosie x

Donna said...

Sally- It was so tall because you use between 10 and 12 apples!LOL...Geez, it was good...Sick??? I don't ride me no aeroplanes..LOL...BUT..Send me that flatbed pickup...I'll get that sickness out of 'ya!!! Seriously tho', How on earth did you catch that bug??? You take care!!! GET TO BED!!hughugs

Dixie- We did! Got to see lots of fun stuff! Have a wonderful week sweetie!hughugs

Lady Skye- It was restful! And I even impressed myself, making it. That dough is a challenge! Have a Happy day sweetheart!hughugs

Ac-....Uh...Yes?? LOL...You dot layer after layer with butter...Spring planting yet?hughugs

Lille- The garden was Very peaceful. You could hear the water from the fountain splashing on the rocks in the pond...nice!hughugs to you sweetie..

Rosie- Of course you can!! I'm at work right now, but I'll post it tonight for anyone who wants it...Have a happy baking day sweetie!!hughugs

JunieRose2005 said...


I , so, enjoyed all these pictures!

....And that PIE!!! How come I wasn't invited over? I love Pie with my coffee!


Brenda said...

Why didn't I see the pie when I was here before? It's a beautiful pie! I'm envious of your pie design abilities, I'd screw it up somehow.

Donna said...

Junie- I Called and Called but I think you were out making Merry somewhere!!LOL...dat pie waz Goot!!lol...Have a Fun day sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda- didn't see it, cuz it wuddent there when you first posted a comment...I posted the extra pictures just a few minutes after you had left a comment!lolol...sorry!! I just snuck it in!!hughugs

Sea Angels said...

I have never seen a pie that HUGE it is gorgeous, is it full ?? my one's are always flat, I won't ever be able to make another one now.......:-( I will have to call round for tea ha ha.
Your other photo's are fasinating not so sure about the skull though...think I might have prefered a Kimono maybe....
Have a lovely week Donna, you are one very special lady.
Hugs Lynn xx

Faery said...

I want pie I want pie..he he my favorite song. that pie looks veeeery yummy and beautiful.About the pictures they are beautiful and very ineresting.I'd like to be in the Japanese garden *sigh* :)
have a wonderful week

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Great pics! Wish I could make a pie that looked that good!
The museum pics too.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to get back on track blogging again; just so overwhelmed with
EVERYTHING! You know how it goes.
Big hugs

Donna said...

Lynn- SO glad you're feeling better!! The pie had 10 apples in it, sliced. It's super good, hot, with ice cream!! Come join me!!lolol...Great night to you Girl!!hughugs

Faery- The garden was serene...lovely. Hope all is well and happy with you?!!hughugs

Blondie- Have missed you...but enjoyed your post! I know you're running day and night...try to rest in there somewhere!!! Many hugs to you sweetie!!hughugs

Gordon said...

i like the photos from your holiday; you visited some interesting places. And your apple pie ... almost looks too good to eat!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Donna, just catching up. Great photos from your trip. The apple pie looks great - not so sure about the skull! M :0)

Rosie said...

Thanks so much sweetie for the recipe :)

Hugshugs Rosie xoxoxo