Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trying to Learn IM'ing...geez

Well, this has been a Real Do Nothing day!! Rainy, and muggy and a little on the too warm side. So, thought I'd get in here at the computer and learn what all this instant messaging stuff is all about. We have good friends that live in a small town west of San Antonio and my friend was online this evening...I knew this because a message popped up Saying she was online! SO, I see a little box that is prompting me to type something to her...I do...and she Answers! LOL...Gads, I'm Really trying to keep up with all this technology stuff, but there's always something new to study up on!!! Well, we get to talking back and forth when I spy a tiny icon that says I can also have voice and a web cam session with after we're through talking, I go in and set That up. Let me tell you folks, when doing That, you need to be in Full dress, hair and make-up, On!! LOL....I shut it down immediately after setting everything up. Hair up and in a housecoat does Not look stunning on a web cam..LOL....So...don't know if I'll be using that little feature very much!! My friend is Also getting DSL today, so that means at least that Sunday night, I Think I'll be able to get online with my laptop, but we'll see. It has built in wi-fi, as does my cell phone...I LOVE toys!LOL
So, I suppose I'll play around with the computer for a while longer and I hope y'all have a restful and happy night Or day!!


Anvilcloud said...

I tried IM'ing once or twice, but I didn't care for it. I'd rather write an email when I'm in the mood rather that get caught up in a chat when I'm not. But I know it works for some people, and I wish you lots of fun with it.

jenn said...

I know nothing about IMing. It took me months to figure out all this blog stuff!

Enjoy your evening. See ya tomorrow.

Brenda said...

I'm an old hat at the IM thing but rarely turn any of those things on unless I know I'm going to be chatting with someone I know.

Sally said...

Does "full dress" mean you gotta wear a bra? Forgetaboutit. ain't gonna happen here. hahaha

Jane said...

IMing. Isn't it great. We find it really useful. With family around the world and ExpatOwl travelling so much, it's been a Godsend.

Lyvvie said...

I found IM'ing frustrating. I'm not even one for talking on the phone, so having everyone who knows me know I'm available on the internet for chatting - when I'm probably researching, or blogging or playing scrabble or something, and having to deal with those pop-ups and sometimes there'd be three of them, it was too much!

I find I remain invisible all the time and I get to use the internet uninterrupted. Bliss *lol*

Brenda said...

Ya'll safe from these storms down there? I see on the weather map that it was a rough night.

Unknown said...

I love gadgets too. I don't know if my cell phone has wi-fi built into it but I know my laptop does. I don't ever do the instant message, don't know why, just never got the hang of it. LOL I sound so old saying that. Hope you have a great weekend planned. Take care.

Donna said...

Ac- Some like it, but than again, they Probably know what they're doing!!lolol...I don't!!lol..Have a happy day!!hughugs

Jenn- OK sweetie, have a great evening!!hughugs

Brenda- That figures!!LOL...There's not much you Can't do!!lolol hughugs

Sally- LOLOL...I think it's "come as you are"!!!have a dry day sweetie!!hughugs

ExPatKat- If you know how, I think it Could be wonderful. Sounds great for you!! I'm really going to try to use it..have fun today!!hughugs

Lyvvie- I can see where it would annoy you...everyone wanting to talk at fun!! Have a wonderful day sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda- It's been a rougher Morning then it was last night, at least here...How about y'all???

Joan- Thanks sweetie!! I guess most laptops do have the built in wi-fi...Old??? You???LOL hughugs

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Isn't it good to have a day just doing nothing? You deserve it!
I am sure you need to relax sometimes.
I love your roses on the side-elements.
Have a good and blessed weekend, and don't forget to slow down!

Donna said...

Lille- Thanks Sweetheart! I love roses, that's why it's so Pink in here!LOL...Have a wonderful weekend!!hughugs

Dick said...

Ha I love those toys too, and the webcam is always pointed to the wall when not using it, somehow I it doesn't feel good when it's not in use and still pointed at me. Hmmmmmmm......a stupid thought?????
Have a great weekend.

JunieRose2005 said...


Oh! I love IM. I have a friend that I talk to this way several times a week...and we even do music and youtube listens together! :) It's a lot of fun. And it's a good way for getting to know people better... I mean this only with people you already feel you can trust.

Also- it's good for keeping up with family. I talk to my kids and grandkids this way a lot.

I don't want that 2 way camera stuff tho! :) My son-in-law wanted to set that up for me but I said " No!"


Mary Lou said...

I do not IM either! I have a really slow connection and by the time it gets sent and I get an answer back, I forgot who I was talking to! I like email better

Duck and COver Ya'll...and stay SAFE!!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I'm not sure about all that technology. And having to be dressed up, hair done and all! Web-cams are a bit worrying. Let's just keep it the way it is. M :)

Donna said...

Dick- LOL..I Know! But my camera is built In...and Always aimed at me!!! have a fun weekend!!hughugs

Junie- It Does have its good qualities!lol...And it is a free and Easy way to stay in touch with the kiddos!! I'm with you though...Not liking the camera!! Have a great weekend!!hughugs

Mary Lou- Hi there!! LOL...I DO understand about the "senior" moments as well!! Hopefully all the bad weather has passed. It's a bit cold here this afternoon though...hope You're feeling better???hughugs

Margot- I'm with you!lol...I think we all do quite well with things just the way they are!! Have a happy weekend sweetie!!hughugs

dabrah said...

I like IM, but only if I'm in the mood for a chat, and have some time to spare. Sometimes, though, it's hard to bring a conversation to an end, especially when you need to rush off somewhere. As for webcam, so far I've managed to hold back. I like being able to sit at my computer and write, wearing my pyjamas.

Donna said...

Dabrah- It IS hard to stop the chatter especially when you're in a hurry!!LOL...and me and the webcam will Not become fast friends!!lolol...have a beautiful day sweetie!!hughugs

Rosie said...

LOL all my hair is brushed and I'm dressed but still I don't fancy a web cam!! Gosh just think, must put my lippy on before I log in for a chat geeze me thinks not sweetie.

hugs hugs Rosie x

Donna said...

Rosie-LOLOL...ME EITHER!!!LOL hughugs