Thursday, April 17, 2008

We've invited Ben & Jerry and BlueBell Over

Oh, Yes We Have!! LOL...It's our last night here at the park and after a nice soup and salad supper...It's time for the Real party to begin!! LOL...We went to Enchanted Rock today. Just messed around after a breakfast of German pancakes and coffee at one of the local restaurants. I've bought my quota of t-shirts so it's back to the salt mines for Is there such a thing as Too much rest??? Dunno...We're suppose to get some rain here tonight, but we can't gripe. It's been beautiful all week if not a bit too windy. It's always best to visit here in April or even May. Past those months, and it's
Well guess I'll pack up the old computer. I'll check back with y'all tomorrow night after we get home. Y'all have a wonderful evening. It's time to go start that salad....


jenn said...

Be careful going home. I can't wait to see all the pictures you took.


Sally said...


Be safe. :)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Dear Donna, so glad your break has been good - very well deserved. I just can't imagine hot weather yet here! Have a safe journey home. M x

Donna said...

Jenn- We's about 3hrs back to Waco. Hope all the rain has past by then. You have a wonderful night sweetie!hughugs

Sally- We're just killing time before I "let" Hubby get into the icecream..LOL...night sweetie!hughugs

Margot- It has been! Restful. It'll be hot there before ou know it!lol...Have a fun day sweetie!hughugs

Donna said...

Rest overload? NAH! No such thing! Have a nice trip home, kiddo.

Brenda said...

Hmmm, I wonder how some of that ice-cream would go with banana moon pies?

I'm glad you got a rest Miz Donna. Can't wait to see the photos!

JunieRose2005 said...

LOL- I love that picture- my idea of Heaven! hahaha

Have a safe trip home. Hope it's not raining on you while traveling!

Look forward to your pictures!


dabrah said...

Where did you find that picture? It's hillarious. Every ice cream lovers dream!
Have a great trip home...I hope the weather is good and the roads are safe.

Dawn said...

That picture is priceless!! Yummy ice cream!!

Have a safe trip home.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you know you've had the right amount of vacation when you're ready to go home.

Donna said...

Donna- We're Home! Ahhhh...Hope you're haveing a wonderful night!!hughugs

Brenda-LOLOL...That ice cream would go with just about Anything you put it on!!!lol...hughugs

Junie- Isn't he a cutie pie?!!LOL...And that's what we looked like while eating all that stuff!lol...No Rain! Sunshine all the way!hughugs

Dabrah- I just typed in, funny ice cream pictures, on google search, and a bunch came up...this one said it best though!LOL...hughugs

Dawn- Thank you Sweetie!! Hope all's well with you and yours? I haven't really had a chance to read blogs in depth...but I'm home, so it's back to Blogging, properly!lol...night girl!hughugs

Jazzi- Absolutely Right!!lol...And I believe we were ready! Warm there yet???hughugs