Sunday, April 6, 2008

This and That Sunday

Pink Rose


Willian and his Leggo thingy

Samantha and her...cell phone..LOL

Well, this morning Hubby and I started packing up things to take over to the trailer. Shoes, socks, magazines...movies. I took some foodstuffs from our pantry so I wouldn't need to go on a huge grocery store expedition. We're only going to pack the trailer with the basics as far as food is concerned. They've got a grocery there. If we Know we'll be eating out some of those days, I certainly don't want meat sitting in the refrigerator. It just takes up space and adds weight that's unnecessary. Now, all we have to do is concentrate on clothes from home. Hubby already took care of the tires, gas, etc. Now we do the last minute things...Wait...LOL.
Got out in the yard yesterday. Hubby mowed the lawn and trimmed it up...edged. I went out and found one of my Pink roses had started to bloom, so I got some shots of it along with some snapdragons...yes, all pink...LOL...WHAT?!!
When I uploaded my camera, I found a couple of shots of some "little people"! William built that Lego's thingy himself...(no help from Anyone) and Sami...well, see that phone beside her?...then you Know what she was doing!LOL
Well, guess I'll get back to trying to learn how to email pictures from my phone to the laptop. Why can't it EVER be easy?? Happy and sunshiny day to you all.


Dixie Belle said...

Hope you are having a great day!

The flowers are gorgeous!

Dawn said...

Your rose is beautiful. The snapdragons are just as beautiful. Looks like Will is enthrilled with his lego's and Sam looks like she swallowed the cell phone. LOL They both are beautiful children.

Have a beautiful day!


dabrah said...

Love the flowers. Isn't it so true that getting ready to go on a vacation is a lot of work? By the time you're done, you need the rest.

Unknown said...

So are you a camping family or have your trailer parked somewhere year 'round? My husband traded in our old (still nice) trailer for a "toy hauler" so we can drag our four wheelers around with us (I don't like to ride, but DH and DS do and sometimes both DDs). Our old trailer was pade for, now we have PAYMENTS! AaaargGGGh!)

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks for keeping up with the pics. Have a good holiday!!

Donna said...

Pretty flowers! I'm glad that you are perking up, just in time for your traveling adventure. Stay safe and have fun!

Donna said...

Dixie- Thanks! I was Surprised by the rose! Have a great and happy week!!hughugs

Dawn- Thank you! And I think she Did swallow that darn phone!!LOL..night!hughugs

Dabrah- Absolutely true!! I'm Already pooped!LOL hugshugs

Nathalie- We park the 5th wheel at our shop. It's fenced in. Makes it easy during the week, while at work, to pack or unpack it. Have a wonderful week!!hughugs

Ac- No problem! The rose was a surprise for me! It just...appeared!LOL..Fun surprise!hughugs

Donna- Feeling Much better now. Yard work and packing? I think I NEED some time off!LOL...night sweetie!hughugs

jenn said...

The flowers are beautiful! I like the pink.

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Lovely pictures!
I agree with you : It isn't easy to email pictures from the phone to the computer. But it is possible!
I wish you a great week!

Jules said...

Hi Dear
I'm baaaaack!!!
Good to catch up with you again - hope you are well.

Donna said...

Jenn- Me Too!! Hope your weekend was fun and very Purple!!hughugs

Lille- I spent several hours "learning" last night...goodness!!hughugs

Jules- Wonderful!!! I'll be over shortly to read all about it!! Glad your back!!hughugs

Brenda said...

This vacation is just what you need to get a little rest if you don't wear yourself out before going.

My cell takes photos and I don't know any more than that about it. I can answer calls,,,sometimes,,,if I don't hit the wrong buttons. Ha!

Donna said...

Brenda- and me both!! My new phone will be great Once I figure it out!!! And Yessss we're Ready for a little R&R...have Fun today sweetie!!hughugs

Donna said...

Pretty flowers Donna, and wishing you a wonderful vacation! Hope you're feeling better.

Donna said...

Donna- Thank you sweetheart!! We intend to Really force ourselves to have...FUN!!LOL...Am feeling much better and am "rearing" to go! You have a wonderful week!hughugs

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Donna, I don't know if you got my e-mail but I have a new site for my private journal. I will be using it for more personal things.
I am keeping Red Tin Heart too.
iF you did niot get that e-mail. Then please e-mail me and I give you the new sites link. I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip and know how much you are loved and appreciated. I got your card that you sent me and it was so beautiful!
Donna, you are a real person who is so lovely on the inside asd well as the outside.
love nita

Sally said...

So glad you're feeling better, and I know how anxious y'all must be to get on the road Friday! Love the pictures. I have to ask, Donna, the snapdragons? Do those come back every year, or did you just plant those? This is the first year I've tried them! My roses are blooming also; pink of COURSE! hahaha

Donna said...

Nita- Hi sweetie! I just sent you an email...Hope you're having a better day sweetie!!hughugs

Sally- Thank You!! Yes, we're getting a little "fidgetty"..LOL..We're Ready!! And yes, they come back every year! Love That!! They also spread. Not a lot, but they do. The only color I wasn't impressed with is the yellow. Not bright enough.
Good Girl!!! PINK is THE color!!LOLOL..Have fun in that yard Girl!!hughugs

JunieRose2005 said...


Beautiful flowers! Roses, you must know by now, are my very favorite flower! :) LOL- I use ROSE as part of my screen name!:)

Oh! And those smiling little people are cute too!!

Hope you're having a good day today!

Junie Rose

Donna said...

Junie- Thank You! I to, love roses!! 'cha can't tell!!LOL... Have Fun today!!hughugs

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Donna, I love your pink rose, so beautiful. And I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break. There is an Award waiting for you at my place - I just know we'd have a wonderful chat, given the chance! Love and Hugs, M xx

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Donna, you can post my link. I just don't want my name next to it. Just in case..
Love you, Nita

Donna said...

Margot- Thank you!! And I Know we'd have a "blast"!! Loads of giggles..and such!!!hughugs

Nita- Ok, but I know it by heart now, so I might not...personal means personal...when you need somewhere to Vent, you want to Vent!!lol...we'll see..If they found you through me, I'd feel Awful!!! you sweetie!!hughugs

Unknown said...

Your flowers are so pretty Donna and so are the kiddies! Bet you can't wait to get on the road with your hubby. We leave for Hilton Head in a couple of weeks. My hubby and I haven't been away by ourselves in a couple of years so I am looking forward to it. Have a great day!

Donna said...

Joan- Wonderful!! Enjoy your trip! It's been several yrs for us as well...really looking forward to some rest...Have a wonderful day sweetie!!hughugs

Rosie said...

What beautiful flowers sweetie! Awe just look at your beautiful kiddies too give them a hug from me :) Hugshugs Rosie x

Donna said...

Rosie- Thanks Girl! Hugs given! Have a wonderful day!hughugs