Friday, March 13, 2009

Best Friends Forever Day!

I think it's BFForever Day!! I got an email that Said it was...SO...Happy BFF Day Everyone!
It's Still raining and cold here and I have to get back out in it to go to the grocery...Yuck!!! But!! One Has to have Chocolate to celebrate this day so I'll put my "dashers" on so I can run the rain...jumping the puddles...WHAT?!!! I can still jump!!!Hahaaa....probably will need some popcorn to go along with that chocolate.....
Happy weekend everyone!!


Joan said...

Happy BFF day to you too Donna. Have a great weekend.

Sally said...

Happy BFF! You gonna dip the popcorn in chocolate? YUM!!!!!!


♥Rosie♥ said...

Happy BFF day to you too 'dear' Donna!!

May I wish you a ""Happy Red Nose Day" too were us Brits raise lots of money in aid of fighting poverty at home and in the third world!

Hugshugs Rosie x

Donna said...

Joan- Thanks Sweetie! You Toooo!!hughugsBFF

Sally- NO!!Hahaaa...You pop the popcorn...dump it in the's HOT..Then sprinkle the Chocolate Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts) all In the hot popcorn!!!YUMMY!! Happy weekend!!!hughugsBFF

Rosie- Red Nose Day?? WoW! What a Wonderful thing to do!! Happy weekend sweetie!!hughugsBFF

Donna said...

Friday the 13th is BFF day?! Goodness, gracious! Sweetie, EVERYDAY is BFF day for us, don't you think? (And I see those two little bunnies hugging on that card, LOL.) Enjoy your chocolate and popcorn! Love ya!

Sally said...

Is your clock right? I thought ya'll were an hour behind us. Oh well, you know I gotta nit pic about somethin'. And, blogger is NOT updating posts. arrggghhh

You HAD to mention choc. covered p'nuts didn't ya? My FAV!!

Okay, I'm done now.

BFF :)

Brenda said...

Happy BFF Day to you too!!!

Please don't slip and fall into one of those puddles. :-)

Donna said...

Donna-Hahaha...Ab-so-Lute-ly!!!! Ever dang day!! AND.. (Marty has to have a Little entertainment...)LOL...Happy Weekend!!hughugsBFF

Sally Girl- We ARE!...I Wonder...either It needs to be re-set because of DST or because I rolled back my computer from IE8 to Internet Explorer 7...
IE8 can flat mess up your Norton Security program!!! If you don't need IE8, don't change to it...still has Bugs!!
Happy weekend BFF!!!hughugs

Brenda-I didn't but Brother, was it raining!!! And as I was trying to get my groceries loaded, a car sat there Waiting for me to pull out...Hahaa...I Tried to hurry BUT...Happy weekend sweetie!!hughugsBFF!

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Happy BFF to you! I love this card!
It is raining here too, but that is better than if had been snowing.
Have a wonderful weekend!:))

Janice said...

I'm a day late, but thank you for being a great blogging friend!
I went to the grocery store in the rain last night too.

Donna said...

Happy belated BFF day, Donna. It's raining and cold here today too. Chocolate sounds good, and I'm enjoying a nice warm fire in the fireplace.


Tabitha said...

Oh yummy! Chocolate and popcorn ~ sounds like a great idea!!
I hope you didn't get too wet when you went to fetch it.
Hope you are doing ok.
Love and hugs Tab XXXX

Faery said...

Happy belated BFF day and Happy weekend Donna :)

Lucy said...

I suppose i'am alittle late to wish you a BFF day right back but hope you have a whole new week of beautiful days. Chocoltae and popcorn sounds like heaven.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Unknown said...

Happy Belated BFF forever day! LOL Hope it was filled with chocolate and popcorn, the best food groups ever!