Friday, May 16, 2008

The "Brenda" Photo Challenge for Friday, May 16th

Bright lights....

Reflective lavatory sink....Come on now...I'm a plumber's wife...LOL

A man Must have his shiny grill! (And as Jenn reminded me...A Woman must have her grill as well)!!...LOL...

This challenge was the idea of Brenda over at Whats Up Down South! She's constantly giving me encouragement on using my camera to the best of my ability...So she began this challenge!! It Really is fun and gets you out and about looking at "subject matter" a little bit differently!!LOL...
1. Up To 3 pictures allowed
2. If you've been chosen, pick a Theme for your challenge then set a date for it. Please give participants time to get out and about and do their picture taking. I gave them two weeks between challenges.
3. Hence forth, this challenge shall be known as The "Brenda" Photo Challenge
4. Anyone who wants to play along must leave a comment letting You know who to link to.
5. Have your link list at the bottom of your post so others can go visiting...
6. Pick a person to pass the challenge on to and let them know! If they don't respond? Pick someone else!
That's It!!!
If you just Can't think of what picture to take...Don't Worry!! This is about FUN...LAUGHTER!!
And LEARNING!! If you have ANY photography tips to pass along as well...PLEASE DO!!

Well these are my three entries. Below, you'll find links to other entries. This was fun, but Now, I choose Dabrah to pick a date and theme for the Next Photo Challenge! What Say You, Dabrah?....LOL....Have a happy day!
PS-Thought I'd add Crystal's pictures as well...LOL...Well I Did say, Bright, Reflective or Shiny!! And they Are some wonderful sunset pictures!!...cute sunset...... Happy day everyone!!