Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturdays and Baseball

Morning! Nothing much happening here except "weather". Storms are expected again today...and it's not the rain that is worrisome...always a chance for tornados. Tonight and tomorrow morning should be the worse of them. We'll be hanging onto our hats!
Here's a couple of pictures I took at Williams baseball game, Saturday. We won the game. He did So well and had fun doing it....The two suspicious characters on the bleachers showed up to harass the little star of the game...I took their picture in case there's an investigation later...LOL. Well, y'all have fun today...laugh a Lot!!


Brenda said...

The photos are great! It's starting to rumble here too, hope the bad stuff stays away this go-round.

Donna said...

Brenda- Thanks sweetie! and You stay safe!!!!!! SO much going on around us!!! Head for cover if need be!!!hughugs

Gordon said...

Photos can be deceiving; the weather looks really pleasant there; shorts and all.

I hope you don't get hit with a tornado; certainly must be a worry to have them in your area.

JunieRose2005 said...


Love the family pictures! :) glad your little guy's team won!

Take care with all the bad weather !

Oh! Such a treat hearing Sarah at your site today!! :) I love her music sooo much!

( I haven't been able to figure out the music thing for my site yet!...except for putting the youtubes on!)



Donna said...

Gordon- The pics were taken on Saturday..hence, the good weather. Today is the nasty weather...and also tomorrow. Will be glad when its passed...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Junie- If you want your own music box, go click on mine, it'll carry you to the site where you can create one. It's really easy to do. You have a happy day sweetie!!hughugs

jenn said...

I love will's smile. It lights up his entire face!

Donna said...

Jenn- Isn't he something?!!LOL...such a ham! You alright little girl??!!!hughugs

Anvilcloud said...

Your picture of watching the game brings back memories.

Donna said...

Ac- It's fun....but time passes SO darn fast....Happy day to you!hughugs

Sally said...

Those two on the bench sure look 'spicious to me. :)

Y'all take care with that weather!! You asked about the fires, there were three in this area but contained; most are further south. Man, we are ALL in for it with this awful weather everywhere!!

Christine said...

Love the beaming smile in the second photo!

If anyone ever wants to send a little rain to dry Arizona, I'll be happy to take the storms with it! We got about three drops last night and I could stand for more!

Donna said...

Sally- They Definitly are!!LOL...I just heard on the news that they believe those fires are being Set...on purpose!!! Geez!! BE CAREFUL!!!hughughughugs

Christine- I'd LOVE to send a few of these blasted storms your way!LOL....Geez! It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't having continous tornado watches in the evenings...Happy day Sweetie!!

dabrah said...

Do you have a basement you can hide in if a tornado is spotted? It sounds really scary. As for the two suspicious characters, they look very serious in the picture. You must have caught them during a tense moment in the game. As for the star, well, he's just beaming. I wish you a calm evening and night.

Unknown said...

I love that second photo. He just looks like such a happy kid. You stay away from those nasty storms. Be safe Donna!

Faery said...

Woohooo CONGRATS on winning the game, handsome player must have tons of girlfriends ;o). About those two on the bench I have friens in the CIA... (Culinary Institute of America) ha ha ha.
I'll tell mom to pray for you so you are safe I hope storms don't hit your country or any other

Donna said...

Dabrah- No basement...no anything...Lots of prayers though!lol....We'll be safe...And there Were a few tense moments!LOL...lots of hollering!! Have a happy night friend!hughugs

Joan- He is a Really smiling child!!LOL...Gods gift....Are you Still excited??? OR What?!!LOL...So happy for you!!!hughugs

Donna said...

Faery- Thanks Sweetie!! The prayers of la Madrae are Very strong!! Much appreciated!! And Yes, I May have to call upon your services!!LOL...Have lots of joy in the kitchen sweetie!!hughugs

Dawn said...

Yeah for William for winning his game.

Those two suspicious characters are looking pretty intense. Perhaps Will is up to bat ?!?


The weather is so weird. There are storms, tornados everywhere. Kind of spooky. Always nice to get a nice pretty day. We had one today. But, my ISP didn't cooperate. That is for another day. LOL

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh what great photos you have there, who won?
I sure hope that you don't have a Tornado, seems like there is way too much of that going on with all the fires and earthquakes. Too many deaths so far

Jules said...

How sweet!!!!

we have been having lots of storms over this side of the world too. Very weird for this time of the year it should be dry season now!!!

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Oh, I feel sorry for you and this stormy weather!..We don't have storm, but rain and a bit cold.
I hope it soon will change, at least in your place.
Here we hope to see the sun on saturday, because it is the National Day in Norway. We celebrate it in all kind of weather, and over the whole country. Many people wears their national costumes,they are wawing their flags, and it is much music. Somone has a speach for the day. The 17. of May is a great day in Norway. The scools are closed, and it is a day off for many people.
Maybe I can take some photos and make a post that day.

Donna said...

Dawn- Dadgumit Girl! That ISP is really giving you a bunch of...heck!! Too bad they can't figure it all out!! You stay safe today! These storms are headed your way!!hughugs

Lilli- We won! It was a really good game...And I Very much agree about too many storms!!! But as they say, "if wishes were horses, all beggars would ride"!...Y'all take care out there!!hughugs

Jules- More Storms?? Geez sweetie! Are we talking hurricane? Cyclone? Gads please be safe...you Know how I play "mama"!!!LOL...You check in and let us know how it's going!!!hughugs

Lille- Glad you don't have these bad storms! National Norway Day!! How fun!! If the whole country shuts down, that's going to be a Big party!!LOL...Have lots of fun and Yes, post some pictures!!hughugs

Brit. (lille meg) said...

You won? Congratulations!;)

Our national day is celebrated in every little place in our country. The weather dosen't matter, but of course it is better if the sun shines.
We don't be collected at one place all of us.At every school it is a celebration. It is a lot of fun.
You should have been here!!

Donna said...

Lille- Thanks sweetie! Sounds like the children have a wonderful time!! Happy day to you!hughugs